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Find out more about the proposed changes to the RCPCH's governance structure, including the proposal for greater multi-professional working.

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We invite nominations for President, Vice President for Training and Assessment, Honorary Fellowship, the James Spence Medal, Council, Regional Advisor and Committee posts.

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Revision of the Facing the Future Standards 2014

Please complete our consultation on the feasibility and impact of implementation of the revised standards by 15 September.

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Child Protection Companion 2nd edition

Providing paediatric information on all forms of abuse and the child protection processes across the whole range of medical and social interactions. 

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#Paediatrics101 – What I wish I’d known as a paediatric trainee…

Here are some of the things paediatricians wish they knew as a trainee that weren’t covered in those hefty textbooks.

Mental health services are overstretched

Dr Hilary Cass, President of the RCPCH writes to the Editor of The Times.