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Physical Signs of Child Sexual Abuse (2015) - update of the 2008 resource, with three new reviews

Facing the Future Together for Child Health (2015) - a set of standards for acute care outside hospital to improve health outcomes

Child Protection Companion (2013) - on all forms of abuse and protection processes across the whole range of medical and social interactions

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Application period closed - MRCPCH Applied Knowledge in Practice 2015-3 in Myanmar

The Myanmar centre for the 2015-3 MRCPCH Applied Knowledge in Practice has reached full capacity and is now closed.

Application period closed - MRCPCH Clinical Examination 2015-3 in Malaysia

The application period for 2015-3 Malaysia was closed at 09:10am (BST) on 30 June 2015.


RCPCH responds to promising gene therapy for cystic fibrosis study

A therapy that replaces the faulty gene responsible for cystic fibrosis in patients' lungs has produced encouraging results in a major UK trial

RCPCH President responds to first national children's hospital survey

CQC publishes survey highlighting care experienced by children and young people in hospital