College announcements

Nominations for Council, Regional Advisor and Committee posts

Apply by 2 November

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New guide to workplace based assessment

Formative and summative assessment guide for paediatric trainees and trainers

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Child Protection Companion 2nd edition

Providing paediatric information on all forms of abuse and the child protection processes across the whole range of medical and social interactions.

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Call for evidence - outcome measures

Have your say on measuring quality of care and the impact of service change in acute general paediatrics.

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"Bold steps must be taken to ensure the future health of our children"

RCPCH President welcomes the NHS Five year Forward View for its emphasis on prevention and getting it right for children...

RCPCH responds to 'Each Baby Counts' project launch

Dr Hilary Cass pledges support of the project that aims to reduce neonatal mortality by 50% by 2020.