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ACCEA in England and Wales is open

Deadline to apply for College citations is 17:00 next Wednesday 6 May.

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RCPCH is awarded funding to support children's mental health

A new 'Parent MindEd' is to be created to provide information, advice and guidance on children and young people’s mental health.

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Child Protection Companion 2nd edition

Providing paediatric information on all forms of abuse and the child protection processes across the whole range of medical and social interactions.

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Children’s doctors issue a stark warning to the next Government in a manifesto - Vision2015.

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Professor Neena Modi becomes President of the RCPCH

Professor Neena Modi takes the reins at RCPCH's Annual Conference

Urgent shake up of children’s unscheduled care needed to tackle UK’s poor child health outcomes

Paediatricians, nurses and GPs launch new standards to improve unscheduled care for children in Facing the Future: Together for Child Health