British Paediatric Respiratory Society

1215-1300       Poster viewing

1300–1400      Business meeting of the BPRS

Chair: Dr Tom Hilliard, Bristol



Guest lecture - Preschool wheezing – effective treatments? Professor Jonathan Grigg Barts and The London Children’s Hospital


Determinants of quality of life in children with asthma who live in Scotland Dr Steve Turner G153


Estimation of the "true" hospital burden of paediatric respiratory syncytial virus on the NHS EnglandMs Ivana Filipovic G154


Small for gestational age at birth and lung function at school age in very prematurely born childrenDr S Zivanovic G155


Sickle cell disease in Malawian children is associated with restrictive spirometry: A cross sectional surveyDr James Cook G156



Chair: Dr Philip Davies, Glasgow



Guest lecture - Respiratory management of neuromuscular conditions Dr Jeremy Hull Oxford Children’s Hospital


Oxygen prescribing for inpatients in the UK Dr Manu Sundaram G157


Recruiting ethnic minority participants to a clinical trial: qualitative studyDr Chinedu Nwokoro G158


The use of Structured Light Plethysmography to assess the effect of feeding on tidal breathing patterns in newborns Dr V Sidorff G159


Association between external and internal dose of diesel soot (black carbon) in healthy schoolchildren: a pilot studyMiss Sidra Hussain G160


Retrospective analysis of the establishment of non-invasive ventilation in children Miss S Hodgson G161(P)

What predicts duration of hospital stay for bronchiolitis? Ms R Watt G162(P)

Recurrent lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI) in children with repaired Tracheoesophageal fistula (TOF) Dr Basil Nasrallah G163(P)

Local demographic of paediatric asthma visitors at Accident and Emergency at a district general hospital Mr Dalvir Kular G164(P)

The impact of a multi-disciplinary neuro-respiratory clinic on the respiratory monitoring of children with Duchenne's muscular dystrophy      Dr Samantha Wilson G165(P)

Audit of dental care for children with Cystic Fibrosis Dr Katie Sullivan G166(P)

The Multi-Disciplinary Paediatric Tracheostomy Clinic Miss May Yaneza G167(P)

A review of the effectiveness of Heated, Humidified High Flow Nasal Cannula therapy (HHHFNC) for patients with bronchiolitis Dr R Rana Rahman G168(P)