The College supports members and Officers in making and shaping health service policy and standards to improve outcomes for children and young people. 

Our priorities - 2014-15

The Health Policy Team seeks to embed health inequalities and participation from children and young people in the development of all policies, working across the four-nations.

Health policy work 

  • Coordinating input to Government, Department of Health (DH) and other bodies’ developments, where there may be an impact on the healthcare of children and young people - for more information, see our consultations and position statements
  • Providing a policy briefing service to members and Officers, summarising current developments in healthcare and developing position statements using member expertise
  • Working with the Media & External Affairs Team and specialty members to ensure that our media responses and press releases are timely, accurate and pertinent - our RCPCH news feed is regularly updated to include the latest in policy news
  • Linking with other Colleges, the Department of Health and organisations to anticipate new ways of working for children's and young people's services - for the latest developments across the UK, see service standards and planning
  • Responding to relevant enquiries through the College helpline and website - for enquiries, contact us on health.policy@rcpch.ac.uk
  • Running 'policy breakfasts', bringing together senior influencers to take forward thinking on topics like youth offending, public health, commissioning, the Kennedy report, with breakfasts planned on child protection, mental health, international work, the SEN and Disability Green Paper and urgent care
  • Supporting five College committees – managing administration and supporting development and publication of standards and handbooks


The Health Policy Team comprises four full-time staff.