Lothian review of children’s hospital services

NHS Lothian Health Board has asked the RCPCH to lead an independent review to help shape the provision of safe, high quality and sustainable children’s hospital services across Lothian in the future.

Acute hospital services in Lothian are currently provided on two sites, the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh and St John’s Hospital in Livingston. The review follows long-standing recruitment difficulties and the temporary closure of overnight beds for children at St John’s Hospital last summer.

The Review team will visit in January to meet staff and people who work in the services, as well as some patients, families and those who represent them. In February we will be hosting focus groups for people who want to tell us more about their experience and views.

Review team

The team comprises clinical experts who are experienced in reviews of this type, and a lay reviewer representing the voice of parents and carers.

Find out more about the review team (PDF)

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Stakeholder engagament

As part of the review, it was important for us to listen to the experiences and expectations of the people who use or work within the services in Lothian.  

Between December 2015 and April 2016 we:

  • ran a survey which generated 1,896 responses online and 31 paper responses
  • ran five focus groups across West Lothian and Edinburgh attended by 11 parents and carers, and 13 stakeholders
  • published an email address for direct contact used by approximately 10 people
  • attended the January meeting of the St John’s Stakeholder Group
  • contacted all MPs, MSPs and Local Councillors across Lothian, and met with all interested representatives
  • reviewed the transcripts of the public meetings held by NHS Lothian
  • read the 400 emails sent to the Chief Executive and Chairman of NHS Lothian relating to the future of children’s services at St John’s.

We read every written contribution and noted those expressed at the focus groups and public meetings. We have also been provided with information from the Health Board’s feedback and complaints processes.  

Other news

More about the review to follow on this page.


Email: invited.reviews@rcpch.ac.uk

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