Facing the Future: Implementing standards

We produce tools and resources to support clinicians, service planners and commissioners to implement the standards. These aim to equip you with the necessary practice examples and workforce recommendations that will help local services to meet the standards.

Implementation plans

FtF9.gifFacing the Future: Standards for Acute General Paediatric Services Implementation Plan (PDF, 134KB)

The standards cannot be met with the current workforce and the current number of inpatient units. To enable services to meet these standards we make five key recommendations:

1. Reduce the number of inpatient sites
2. Increase the number of consultants
3. Expand significantly the number of registered children’s nurses
4. Expand the number of GPs trained in paediatrics
5. Decrease the number of paediatric trainees





FtF10.gifFacing the Future: Together for Child Health Implementation Plan (PDF, 125KB)

The Colleges have jointly developed an implementation plan to support the implementation of the standards across the UK by:

• supporting and equipping members across the three Colleges with the information and skills to influence at a local level
• supporting services to implement the standards
• continuing discussions and negotiation between the Colleges and key stakeholders at a national policy level
• ensuring children and young people and their parents and carers know the quality of care they can expect and helping to change behaviours.





Workforce implications

These documents focus on the broad workforce implications of implementing the Standards of Acute General Paediatrics and Together for Child Health standards. Click below to download the PDFs.

Workforce implications for Acute General Paediatrics 2015          Workforce implications for Together for Child Health 2015     


Together for Child Health Standards: Practice examples

Below are the collection of practice examples sourced from across the UK. These practice examples are not endorsed by the RCPCH but are intended to illustrate a range of ways in which the standards are already being implemented. We are always looking to include examples of where new models of care or systems are being delivered to meet standards particularly well. Get in touch via facingthefuture@rcpch.ac.uk to submit your practice example.

The examples have been categorised into four groups. Click on the icons below to view the practice examples:

Working with GPs practice examples          Community children's nursing teams practice examples     

Whole systems practice examples          Supporting parents and carers practice examples

Making Standards a Reality Event 2016

In November 2016, child health professionals from the College and NHS England came together to discuss the challenges and successes of implementing the standards. View the presentations.

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