Service Level Quality Improvement Measures (SLQMAPS)

The RCPCH is developing a set of service level measures designed to support acute paediatric services to monitor the effects of service change at a local level, and to facilitate quality improvement

What is the SLQMAPS project?

The objective of this project is to produce five to ten universally applicable and practically measurable quality improvement metrics for acute paediatric services for infants, children and young people aged 0 to 18 which could be used to indicate changes in the quality of care over time, which may result from service interventions.

Why are we doing this?

We aim to:

  • enable and support child health services to monitor the effect of service interventions at a local level
  • provide a strong evidence base for the development and revision of service standards, such as the Facing the Future suite of standards
  • identify and share examples of best practice, to aid the improvement of child health outcomes across the four UK nations.

Developing an agreed set of measures

Following an open consultation on a set of 19 measures, a report with key findings and recommendations on taking the work forward will be published shortly.

To be notified when the report is published, please contact

What next?

Following the launch of the report, further development work is required to take forward each of the measurement domains in order to establish long term data collection. The RCPCH is working to develop partnerships with key stakeholders in each area in order to carry out full assessment of feasibility, and to establish data collection methodology.

We will be working with our members and service users throughout the development of the metrics to ensure that the final measures meet their needs.


For more information, please contact Rachel Winch on 0207 0926156, or email