Workforce census 2013

Our biennial workforce census helps develop College workforce planning policy, and provides our members and the public with a unique view of the growth and trends in the UK paediatric workforce. 

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1: Focus on the paediatric workforce (download)


This section includes workforce numbers by grade, vacancies, types of paediatric posts, contract types, gender, age and information on place of graduation.

  • Consultant and career grade workforce has risen since 2011 whilst SAS doctors and academic numbers have dropped. 
  • The gender split among consultants is 50/50.
  • The overall rate of less than full time (LTFT) working for consultants has increased since 2011, from 20% to 22%.

2: Focus on the configuration of child health services (download)

census13graphic2.gifThis includes information on the child health services provided in units, rota numbers, vacancies and type of staff on the rotas.

  • The number of organisations providing paediatric services has dropped from 226 in 2011 to 197. 
  • Reconfiguration and/or reorganisation has been completed in 54 UK organisations since 2011.
  • Vacancies on all rota tiers have increased by 25.4%

3: Focus on community child health and safeguarding (download)

census13graphic-COM.gifThis includes information on disability and behavioural paediatrics, audiology, child and adolescent mental health services, community lead roles, special interests, and safeguarding.

  • The number of consultants working in a community setting has increased whilst the number of SAS doctors has decreased. 
  • Overall there has been a decrease in the number of services stating that they have joint working with CAMHS.
  • Across the UK, 53% of services have a separate safeguarding rota and 47% have safeguarding 
    cover as part of the general paediatric on call rota.

4: Focus on tertiary services (download)

census13graphic-TER.gifThis includes neonatal services, subspecialty services and trends, provision of subspecialty cover, Working Time Regulation (WTR) compliance for subspecialties and information about clinical networks.  

  • The total headcount of subspecialty consultants has increased by 10.6% 
  • There is an increase in the proportions of specialists in hospitals from 24% in 2011 to 26.1% in 2013.

Bespoke briefings 

Additional information on specific areas of the census:


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22 Table 1: Career grade workforce by country Number of consultants in UK changed to 3718 09/03/2015
22 Table 1: Career grade workforce by country Number of consultants in Wales changed to 161 03/02/2015
68 Table 40: Lead roles in community services by grade Duplicate rows at bottom removed 03/02/2015






Previous censuses

The RCPCH (as the BPA) undertook its first census of the paediatric workforce in 1986 and has completed a biennial census since 1999.

Download full reports of RCPCH censuses 1999 to 2011


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