Workforce census 2015

Data is being collected for the paediatric workforce census 2015 through the RCPCH Electronic Web Portal (EWP). To help you complete the census, a user guide and copies of the census questionnaires are below.

About the census

The RCPCH undertook its first paediatric workforce census in 1986, highlighting the structure of all paediatric services and acting as a measure against current standards and guidance.

As such, the census findings provide a basis for the improvement of child health policy and workforce planning both on a local and national scale.

Submitting data

The 2015 workforce census was launched in the week commencing 19 October. 

Data is being collected via the RCPCH Electronic Web Portal (EWP) data collection system. 

User guide (PDF, 343KB)

2015 census questionnaires

Organisation form (MS Word, 67KB)
Hospital form (MS Word, 74KB)
Hospital rota form (MS Word, 54KB)
Community service form (MS Word, 36KB)
Lead roles form (MS Word, 47KB)
Safeguarding rota form (MS Word, 73KB)
Staffing form (MS Word, 58KB)
Vacancies form (MS Word, 35KB)
Tertiary service form (MS Word, 39KB)


The full report and findings from the 2015 census are expected to be available in Winter 2016/2017.

Findings from 2013 and previous workforce censuses


Should you have any questions regarding the 2015 workforce census, please contact the Workforce Team via email: or by calling 0207 092 6163 or 0207 092 6156.