NNAP - transparency and open data

The National Neonatal Audit Programme (NNAP), carried out by the RCPCH, was identified as an eligible audit in David Cameron's transparency and open data letter to cabinet ministers on 7 July 2011.

In the letter, Prime Minister David Cameron outlined the commitment of the government to make available clinical audit data from the national audits within the National Clinical Audit and Patient Outcomes Programme (NCAPOP), commissioned and managed by HQIP.

What information is being made available?

  • Data file identifying compliance with seven audit question standards, by hospital Neonatal Unit, and where applicable, by neonatal network
  • All Neonatal Unit related data is stratified by the level of workload a neonatal unit has designated itself. Data are provided on babies discharged from neonatal care in 2015
  • NNAP reports on data captured electronically through the BadgerNet platform used by participating neonatal units

Please note: the accompanying data file does not provide data about individual patients nor does it contain any patient-identifiable data.

Using and interpreting the data

Data from the NNAP requires careful interpretation and the information should not be considered in isolation when assessing standards of care. It does not include any patient identifable information. The Annual reportPDF, 5.43MB, 89 pages) is available to help interpret this data. We will publish data for each year of the NNAP. The data will also be available on data.gov.uk.

Accessing the data

The data are being made available on the data.gov website. Each year a file from the NNAP audit will be made available in CSV format. Neonatal Units are identified by their hospital name.

What does the data cover?

These data measure performance in the audit at unit level for measures assessing standards of care provided by neonatal units (Special Care Units, Local Neonatal Units and Neonatal Intensive Care Units). The audit questions included witin the following downloaded files:

Are all Neonatal Units included?

These data includes all units in England, Scotland and Wales who were submitting data via the Badger patient record system for the whole of 2015.

What period does the data cover?

These data covers babies discharged from neonatal care in 2015.

NNAP data

January-December 2015

Released 27 September 2016

January-December 2014

Released 5 November 2015

January-December 2013

Released 6 October 2014

January-December 2012

Released 21 August 2013

January-December 2011

Released 1 October 2012

January-December 2010

Released 9 February 2012