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As a leader in global child health, the RCPCH works to significantly impact the lives of children and young people. In emerging healthcare and low-resource settings, the College seeks to make a difference: to develop local healthcare capacities while advancing the professional paediatric and child health skills of its members.

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Our approach

The RCPCH’s global strategy positions the College as the global health and development community’s adviser of choice for all child health matters - and the donor community’s preferred partner of choice for the implementation of cost effective and high impact bespoke and programmatic interventions.

Child led, participative and inclusive, RCPCH Global draws upon its experienced staff team and the RCPCH membership to ensure all interventions are thoroughly assessed and feature the expertise of local partners. These might include a paediatric association, a global health or development agency.

Equity is essential, and so all partnerships are designed to ensure the joint development of capacities, professional skills and institutional knowledge.

Also key are adherence to the highest possible professional standards of clinical provision, maximisation of impact on children and young people and health systems, and value for money in respect to cost-benefit ratios.

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The work of RCPCH Global is overseen by the RCPCH Global Board. This meets quarterly and features a range of internal RCPCH and external stakeholders including representatives from partner agencies such as VSO, RCOG and WHO. The Board agrees strategy and serves as a forum for assessment, analysis, critique and review.