Clinical Excellence Awards for Paediatrics

Clinical Excellence Awards (CEAs) are a fixed term award given to recognise and reward the exceptional contribution of NHS consultants, over and above that normally expected in a post, to the values and goals of the NHS and to patient care.

Awards are time limited - usually for 5 years - and are renewable by competitive application.

National CEA systems in the UK

England - Applications at the national level are assessed by the Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA), administered by staff of the Department of Health (England)

Wales - The Welsh Government has arranged that national level applications for CEAs are also assessed by the ACCEA

Northern Ireland - National level applications are assessed by the Northern Ireland Department of Health. However, the Northern Ireland process is currently suspended. See below for more details

Scotland - No current national CEA process for new applicants

Individual application process

Applications are made by individual consultants either to their employer locally, for local awards at levels L1-L9, or at the National level for CEAs at either the Bronze (L9 equivalent), Silver (L10), Gold (L11) or Platinum (L12) levels.

Consultants can choose to seek support from their Medical Royal College for their application for a national level award in England or Wales. For Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards this would be a citation to the ACCEA. For Platinum level this is in the form of a recommendation to the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges which produces citations to the ACCEA for Platinum Awards. Only Medical Royal Colleges issue citations for renewal of an existing award at any level.

In Northern Ireland, a request to the Northern Ireland Department of Health to seek a citation from the applicant's Medical Royal College must be indicated on the application to the DH-NI. Citations would only be sought by the DH-NI for applicants at Gold (L11) and Platinum (L12) level.

England and Wales - 2017 round

The 2017 CEA round for England and Wales is expected to open imminently and the College has now opened its own processes for New Bronze, Silver and Gold Award applicants, for New Platinum Award Applicants and for Renewal of Award applicants. For each of these processes the deadline for applications for supporting citations is 5:00pm Wednesday 1 March 2017.

More information on these processes is available in the pages linked to at the end of this section.

The College again expects to be able to submit a very limited number of College citations to the ACCEA for new awards (Bronze, Silver and Gold) in 2017 in England and Wales.

In 2016 a total of 22 Bronze, 8 Silver and 2 Gold citations in support of applications from across all England and Wales were permitted to the College by the ACCEA.

Those considering seeking support from the College for a New Bronze, Silver or Gold Award; a New Platinum Award; or Renewal of an existing National Award should follow the instructions on the specific page for the type of Award for which they are considering applying. Those considering an application are also advised to check this page for news on a daily basis.

Northern Ireland

There is currently no indication of when a CEA round will next be launched in Northern Ireland. The College continues to seek updates regularly. 

More information on any national Round for Northern Ireland will be found on the Northern Ireland Department of Health website.