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European Court of Justice ruling could put vaccination programmes at risk

23 June 2017

Decision means cases can be brought forward without scientific evidence

Plastic surgery apps being targeted at children

22 June 2017

Nuffield Council on Bioethics calls for age restrictions on cosmetic procedures

Inquiry into neonatal deaths and injuries during childbirth reveals issues with foetal assessments

21 June 2017

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists urges action to improve quality of care in maternity units

70% of young people with cancer experience depression

20 June 2017

New report reveals the need for greater mental health support for young people with cancer diagnosis

Number of under-18s on anti-depressants in England rises by 12%

19 June 2017

Doctors concerned the rise is result of underfunded mental health services

Number of smokers in Britain falls

16 June 2017

Figures from the Office for National Statistics show smoking rates are second lowest in Europe

Air pollution more harmful to children in cars than outside, warns top scientist

12 June 2017

Chief Scientific Adviser says walking and cycling to school is better for children’s health

80% of under-twos in England failed to visit the dentist last year, says study

8 June 2017

Faculty of Dental Surgery finds ‘widespread misunderstanding’ among parents over when to visit dentist

Global study finds 75% of pregnant women don't have healthy weight gain

7 June 2017

Women outside the recommended weight guidelines risk premature birth or caesarean

Put minimum price on sweets to cut obesity, say doctors

2 June 2017

Movement follows calls for a tax on sugary drinks, and a minimum unit pricing on alcohol