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PCO UK is the online decision support system for those providing clinical care to children.

I am a...

I am an RCPCH member

Most RCPCH members have access to PCO UK as part of their annual membership subscription.

Activate your account

  • Go to bottom of page - and select Sign in to your account (if not already signed in) or Subscribe to PCO UK
  • Read and accept the PCO UK terms and conditions
  • Then you will see the PCO UK website. In top right, select Sign In

If you are an honorary fellow or a medical student affiliate member, you will not have automatic access to PCO UK, but are welcome to subscribe - find out more below.

I am not an RCPCH member and am based in the UK 

If you are a healthcare professional, social worker, legal professional who works in child health or a medical student, and have primary residence in the UK, you may subscribe to PCO UK. Or, you may apply for associate or affiliate RCPCH membership, which includes access to PCO UK.

Cost of an annual subscription to PCO UK

£25 plus VAT (£30 total)

Your subscription:

  • starts on the date you subscribe and lasts for 12 months
  • is for one person only, and is non-refundable and non-exchangeable
  • has an option to renew each year.

For more details, please see PCO UK terms and conditions.

1. Create an RCPCH online account

If you do not have an RCPCH account, it's easy to create one. Go to bottom of page and select Create an account - you just need to provide some contact details.

2. Apply for a subscription and confirm your professional qualification

Do you have a GMC number? You simply need to enter your number and we will check this and confirm your subscription immediately.

Are you another type of professional? Upload a scanned copy or image of your qualification, such as a professional registration certificate. We will get back to you within a couple of working days to confirm whether your subscription has been accepted or to discuss any additional evidence we require.

3. Pay online with a UK debit card or credit card

Our online payment system does not support older browsers. If you are using Internet Explorer version 8 or below, please upgrade your web browser or use another device, or find out more.

I am not currently an RCPCH member and am based outside the UK

Due to licencing restrictions, PCO UK is not available to those based outside the UK except to RCPCH members.  

To start using PCO UK, you can join as a member of the RCPCH where you will also have access to whole range of other exclusive benefits.

Find the membership type that’s suitable for you

I am interested in an institutional licence for an UK-based organisation

We will be happy to discuss options for your organisation - please contact us at

I am a member of an institution that has a PCO UK licence

If your institution has a PCO UK licence, it will notify you. We will email you information on how to activate your account.

If you need help, please contact us at

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