RCPCH Council

Council is the governing body of the College. However as it meets only three times a year, it devolves responsibility to other committees, in order that decisions maybe made between Council meetings. Council determines matters of major policy while other decisions are brought to Council for ratification.

Council comprises the elected regional representatives and officers and a limited number of other elected representatives (for example, Academic, Trainees and Senior Members), who together serve as the Trustees of the College (in addition to a number of observers).

See RCPCH governance documents

Year of 
Senior Officers    

Prof Neena Modi

Registrar Dr Ian Maconochie 2012
Vice President, Training & Assessment Vacant  
Vice President, Science & Research Prof Anne Greenough 2014
Vice President, Education Dr Andrew Long 2013
Vice President, Health Policy Dr Carol Ewing 2014
Honorary Treasurer Dr Lisa Kauffmann 2014
Scotland Dr Peter Fowlie 2011
Wales Dr Mair Parry 2013
Ireland Dr Emma Curtis 2014
International Dr Bhanu Williams 2015
Assessment Dr David Evans 2015
Training Dr Amanda Goldstein 2011
Examinations Dr Jane Valente 2015
Continuing Professional Development & Revalidation Dr Carol Roberts 2013
Workforce Planning Dr Simon Clark 2014
Child Protection Dr Geoff Debelle 2014
Health Promotion Prof Russell Viner 2015
Clinical Standards Dr Fiona Campbell 2013
Regionally Elected Members    
Eastern Dr Gusztav Belteki 2014
Mersey Dr John Gibbs 2012
Northern Dr Nnenna Cookey 2014
North East Thames Dr Abdul Moodambail 2013
North West Thames Dr Richard Nicholl 2014 
North Western Dr Peter Arkwright 2013
Oxford Dr Kevin Ives 2011
South East Thames Dr Keith Brent 2012
South West Thames Vacant  
South Western Dr James Fraser 2012
Trent Vacant  
Wessex Dr Michael Linney 2014
West Midlands Dr Gyanranjan Sinha 2015
Yorkshire Dr Rajeeva Singh 2015
Wales Dr Christopher Bidder 2014
North, North East, East Scotland Vacant  
South East Scotland Prof W Hamish Wallace 2015
Western Scotland Vacant  
Northern Ireland Karl McKeever 2015
Republic of Ireland Prof Hilary Hoey 2011
Trainees Representative Dr David James 2015
Trainees Representative Dr Sebastian Gray 2015
Associate Members Representative Vacant  
Academic Representative Prof Nicholas Bishop 2015
SAS (Staff, Associate Specialists and Specialty Doctors) Representative Dr Malla Narasimhamurti 2013
Senior Members Representative Prof Andrew Wilkinson 2012
Specialty Groups Representative Dr Ian Balfour-Lynn 2012
Specialty Groups Representative Vacant  
Royal College of Psychiatrists Dr Eilis Kennedy  
British Association of Paediatric Surgery Mr Ian Sugarman  
Royal College of Nursing Ms Fiona Smith  
By invitation    
Officer for Education Programme Development (Job Share - Non Trustee) Dr Dr Ki Pang  
Officer for Education Programme Development (Job Share - Non Trustee) Dr Judith van der Voort  
National Clinical Lead for Children & Young People in Scotland Dr Katherine McKay  
National Clinical Director for Children, Young People and Transition to Adulthood Dr Jacqueline Cornish  



Council minutes

Minutes - 4 November 2015 (PDF, 42KB)

Minutes - 1 July 2015 (PDF, 40KB)

Minutes - 4 March 2015 (PDF, 420KB)

Minutes - 5 November 2014 (PDF, 488KB)

Minutes - 2 July 2014 (PDF, 463KB)

Minutes - 5 March 2014 (PDF, 352KB)

Minutes - 13 November 2013 (PDF, 348KB)

Minutes - 3 July 2013(PDF, 467KB) 

Minutes - 6 March 2013 (PDF, 542KB)

Claims for reimbursement of expenses

Committee members - please use this form to claim necessary expenses

Claim for reimbursement (PDF, 39KB, 1 page)