Certification (CCT & CESR)

Paediatricians who practise as honorary, fixed term or substantive consultants in the NHS must be on the UK Specialist Register at the General Medical Council (GMC).

Entering the Specialist Register

There are a number of routes an applicant can take to be entered onto the Specialist Register, each requiring the College to check that the applicant is appropriately qualified. When an applicant applies for a specific route on to the Specialist Register, the College will assess their training, qualifications and experience and make a recommendation to the GMC on the applicant’s behalf.

Successful applicants will be issued with a certificate from the GMC, and those who hold full registration will be entered onto the Specialist Register.

Paediatricians may work in areas other than the specialty or specialties listed for them on the Specialist Register.

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This section of the website details the areas of certification that the College is involved with:

More information

For further information about the routes available for Specialist Registration, please visit the GMC website.