CPD scheme resources

This page contains useful CPD scheme resources, including information about the CPD scheme guidelines, the CPD Diary web app and answers to frequently asked questions.

NEWS: CPD scheme guidelines published following extensive review

RCPCH launched its new CPD scheme guidelines in  April following an 18 month review which considered members’ view on the scheme and the online CPD diary and web app, other colleges’ and faculties’ CPD schemes, best practice in CPD monitoring and GMC expectations and plans. 

The online CPD diary and related web app have been updated to match the new scheme guidelines. User data has been remapped to match the new categories and reflection fields. For an overview of the differences between the old and new scheme guidelines and the upgrade to the CPD diary, view the At a Glance document and CPD Diary upgrade sections below.

CPD Scheme guidelines and supporting documents

The guidelines outline the requirements of the scheme and the College's recommendations for CPD. The RCPCH CPD Officer with the Revalidation and CPD committee review the CPD scheme guidelines every three years to ensure they are up to date and in line with current CPD policy and best practice.

RCPCH CPD Guidelines (PDF, 220 KB, 24 pages)

The At a Glance document provides a summary of the new guidelines as well as the changes between the old CPD scheme guidelines and the new guidelines. 

RCPCH CPD scheme At a Glance (PDF, 825.47 KB, 5 pages)

For answers to general CPD questions, please refer to our updated RCPCH CPD scheme FAQs document.

RCPCH CPD scheme Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 886.99 KB, 4 pages)

CPD Diary web app

The CPD Diary web app is a mobile-enhanced version of the RCPCH online CPD diary. The web app offers the most popular and frequently-used features of the full version diary in a format suitable for touch-screen devices, available ‘on the go’. The web app can also be used offline, enabling you to capture CPD information where and when you need to (and storing it for later synchronisation).

The CPD web app can be accessed via a range of mobile devices: smartphones or tablets.

Simply log in at https://cpd.rcpch.ac.uk in the normal way, using your device. You will then be prompted to select the 'mobile version' (or to continue using the full version of the diary). Save the mobile version to your device home screen to benefit from offline functions.

For more detailed guidance for using the app see the guides below:

•             Set-up guide for iOS (iPhone/iPad)  (PDF, 223MB, 12 pages)

•             Set-up guide for Android (PDF, 168MB, 12 pages)

Please see CPD Web App Frequently Asked Questions for further tips for ease of use. (PDF, 872KB, 4 pages)

Web app iOS alert

In September 2015, the CPD web app was significantly affected by an Apple iOS update that month, which stopped recorded CPD information synching across from the web app on Apple devices to the main desktop version of the CPD Diary. Further iOS updates, 9.1 and 9.2, caused additional issues resulting in entries made on the web app not being saved, despite appearing to do so. Those users affected are unable to retrieve lost entries, as they have not saved anywhere.

Communications about this were sent via the home page Alerts section of the CPD Diary in October 2015 and via both direct email to all CPD Diary active users and by direct ebulletin to all College members in January 2016, warning of the issue and advising deletion of the affected web app icon on Apple devices.

If you have not seen these communications and are affected by this issue, you must delete the affected web app icon from your Apple device home screen, clear your cached browsing history and then re-save the web app icon to your homescreen. Read the guidance on how to re-save the CPD Diary web app icon once you have deleted the existing one.

Before deleting the web app from your device and re-saving, it is worth checking the Activities list on the web app in case any unsynched activities are visible, as these can be rekeyed manually into the desktop site on PC or Mac, rather than losing them by deleting the web app.

While this issue with the web app has been resolved, the CPD team appreciate that this does not help to retrieve information that has already been lost and we apologise for the inconvenience and frustration caused by this.

We advise all CPD web app users to check at least monthly on their desktop CPD Diary to ensure all web app-logged items have saved and synched across fully to the desktop version of their CPD Diary account.

To contact the CPD team about any issues with the web app, please email us on cpd@rcpch.ac.uk

CPD Diary desk top user guide

This user guide outlines all the useful functionalities in a screenshot view for the latest version of the desktop version of the CPD Diary. You can click items in the table of contents to move to the desired page.

Online CPD Diary user guide (PDF, 2 MB, 24 pages)

CPD Diary upgrade

Recent updates to the online CPD Diary were made live in April 2016 following feedback from members and changes to the CPD scheme guidelines. An overview of the changes is below.

To access the latest upgraded software, users of the web app should delete the saved homescreen icon from their mobile device and clear any browsing/history cache before reloading the web app and saving it as an icon to their home screen. Users of the desktop CPD Diary should clear any browsing/history cache before accessing the site at https://cpd.rcpch.ac.uk

1) Simplified CPD categories of Clinical and Non clinical.

Categories of Professional and Academic are no longer available in the Diary. Existing activities mapped to these categories have been remapped to Non Clinical for you.

2) Single reflection field and improved prompts

Existing reflection fields caused confusion and duplication of information. As a result we have reduced the 3 reflection fields down to 1 in both activity and reflective note records. Existing data has been remapped into the single field for you and more useful prompts to help structure your reflections are included – these are only guides though, not mandatory questions.

3)  Improved recurring activities

You are now able to select how many times you want to repeat an activity to support recording of daily, weekly or monthly CPD activities such as grand rounds. The activities will repeat but you must still review credits for each activity independently, as learning will be different on each occasion. The duplicate function is also still available for one-off repeated activities.

4) Removal of mandatory CPD credits fields

As we have removed the CPD credits requirement, members do not have to select CPD credits for their activities to review them. We would however recommend that all activities have reflection added to ensure learning is captured.

5) Reminder prompts to record activities

To help you remember to keep your activities up to date, and to reflect on learning and its impact on practice, you can choose to set reminders to a) log CPD activities generally and/or b) go back to specific activities and update your reflections.

6) Link between reflective notes and PDP objectives

It has always been possible to link CPD activity records to PDP objectives recorded in the CPD Diary. You can now link reflective notes to PDP objectives too.

7) Revalidation domains report added to web app

This report is now available to access from the web app as well as from your desktop CPD Diary.

8) Emergency save of items to avoid loss of data

To avoid loss of data due to e.g. lost Wi-Fi or broadband connections, the site will now auto save your record each time you finish typing information before you use the manual Save button.  The system creates a draft of the item on whatever device the user has created it on. The user can then find the 'incomplete' item and complete editing before manually saving the activity. The emergency save should not be relied upon to replace manual saving of items as auto saved items will always appear as incomplete until manually saved. Also note that incomplete items cannot synch between desktop and web app, until manually saved.

Updating the CPD Web App on your device

To access the latest upgraded software, users of the web app should delete the saved homescreen icon from their mobile device and clear any browsing/history cache before reloading the web app and saving it as an icon to their home screen. Users of the desktop CPD Diary should clear any browsing/history cache before accessing the site at https://cpd.rcpch.ac.uk

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