Health Education Wessex

Contacts for your Local Education and Training Board (LETB) in Health Education Wessex- including Head of School, Training Programme Directors and Administrators - as well as your College's regional contacts.

Health Education Wessex

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Medical school

Southampton University

LETB contacts

Head of School Dr Gary Connett
Programme Director


Dr Phil Parslow (ST1-3)

Dr Steven Warriner (ST4-8)

Deanery Adminstrator


Sarah Case

Lisa McChrystal

e-Portfolio Champion




Sumit Bokhandi

Stephen Warriner

Dr Phil Parslow

Dr Gary Connett


IPTS Champion


Dr Gary Connett


Principle Regional Examiner (PRE) Dr Antoinette McAulay

College Contacts:

Regional Advisor

Dr Nick Ward

Deputy Regional Advisor Dr Christopher Magier 
Academic Regional Advisor vacant
Trainee Rep  Dr Dr Oliver Bevington
LTFT Training Advisor  Dr Katrina Cathie
Regional General Paediatric Training Adviser Dr Robert Scott-Jupp