Apply - MRCPCH clinical examinations

How to apply for the MRCPCH clinical examinations in the UK and overseas  - plus information about how places are allocated and how you can inform us of additional requirements.

On this page:

  • UK centres - how to submit an online application, and how places are allocated
  • Overseas centres - how to submit an application (online or paper, depending on centre), and how places are allocated
  • Additional requirements - eg for dyslexia, dyspraxia and mobility issues

UK centres

Introducing online applications for UK centres

 All candidates applying to sit MRCPCH Clinical examination held in the UK must now apply for their exams online. Paper applications will not be accepted. Applicants will be familiar with the functionality of this system from online applications made to theory examinations. 

MRCPCH clinical exam online application guide - UK (PDF, 10 pages, 1844KB) - please read attempting to submit an application

Process for UK centres

  • All candidates must adhere to the set application dates and times. Applications for all exams will open at 9.00am local time on the first day of the advertised application period and close at 4.30pm local time on the last day.
  • These times are UK local time and will apply to all applications to MRCPCH Clinical centres in the UK.
  • Online applications cannot be submitted before or after the published deadlines.
  • You cannot submit a paper form if you miss the deadline for any examination application period. Any paper form received will be returned back to you.
  • If you have saved your application but not submitted it before the closing date, you will not be able to do so until the next application period.

Once you have submitted an application through accessing your online account you will be able to track the status of your application via the ‘my next exam’ or ‘my exam applications’ section found under your Exams tab.

Please see information about additional requirements.

Allocation of places to UK centres

The MRCPCH is of significant importance to the career progression of those doctors working in paediatrics in the UK. It is therefore important that this is recognised in the criteria for allocating candidate places for the MRCPCH Clinical held in the UK.

Applications will be accepted dependent upon the number of places available. If places are not available, applicants may have their applications returned. All candidates affected by these circumstances will have their seven-year MRCPCH registration period extended by one examination sitting and be awarded priority status for the next exam.

Places are allocated to candidates using the following criteria, in order:

  1. applications from candidates working in the UK that are at a career critical stage (outcome 3 or 4 of the last ARCP which must be confirmed by the LETB/deanery) in order received
  2. applications from candidates working in the UK based on current stage of training (eg ST3 prioritised over ST2)
  3. priority applications from candidates working in the UK in order received
  4. other applications from candidates working in the UK in order received
  5. priority applications from candidates working overseas in order received
  6. other applications from candidates working overseas in order received.

Applicants that are not currently within a UK training programme will not be prioritised (point 4). Candidates who are currently at a career critical stage are encouraged to submit their applications early to improve chances of placement.

Candidates who are not initially allocated a place will be placed on a waiting list for the exam they have applied for, in order of application status. If any placed candidates withdraw or more places are made available, candidates on the waiting list will be contacted and offered these places, in order, up to the day before the examination.

Please note that being awarded priority status does not guarantee that you will be allocated a place for a particular exam sitting.

Please see information about additional requirements.

Overseas centres

Online applications for overseas centres from 2015-3

From 2015-3, we aim to fully implement the online application system to the majority of the overseas centres, including in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Oman, India, Myanmar and Malaysia.

Before an application period opens, candidates are strongly advised to:

Hong Kong and Singapore will still be accepting paper applications for 2015-3.

Paper applications for overseas centres

If you are applying to an exam centre that still accepts paper applications:

Allocation of places to overseas centres

Candidates who have been previously waitlisted or given priority status should indicate this on their applications.

Places are allocated to candidates using the following criteria, in order:

  1. applicants resident and working in the exam centre country
  2. waitlisted/priority applications from candidates unplaced on more than one occasion
  3. waitlisted/priority applications from candidates unplaced on one occasion
  4. all other applications.

Waitlisting/priority status in any diet does not guarantee that you will be allocated a place for a particular examination sitting.

Waitlisted applicants will remain on a waitlist up until four weeks prior to the examination, unless they otherwise inform the College in writing to withdraw from the waitlist. Waitlisted applicants will have their seven-year clinical registration periods extended by one diet, if their initial application meets the eligibility criteria.

Testimonials for proposers who do not hold the relevant qualifications must accompany all applications for the clinical examination.

Please see information about additional requirements below.

Additional requirements

The College has a commitment to equality and diversity. Candidate requests in relation to additional requirements are considered on an individual basis.

You can note any additional requirements on your online application. If you do this, a member of the Examinations Team will contact you during or shortly after the application period to discuss your requirements.

Previous additional requirements that they College has made arrangements for include:

  • dyslexia
  • dyspraxia
  • mobility issues

Electronic stethoscopes may not be used in the MRCPCH or DCH Clinical examinations - unless a candidate has a hearing impairment.

If you have a hearing impairment, please declare this on your application form under 'Further information / additional requirements / reasonable adjustments. Please include a copy of your medical report and any further details for evidence of your impairment.

We recommend that exam candidates with any queries on additional requirements contact the Examinations Team before applying for an exam. Please contact us on or 020 7092 6000.