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Important information regarding the allocation of places to candidates for the MRCPCH Clinical

The MRCPCH is of significant importance to the career progression of those doctors working in paediatrics in the United Kingdom. It is therefore important that this is recognised in the criteria for allocating candidate places for the MRCPCH Clinical held in the UK.

Applications for the MRCPCH clinical examination will be accepted dependent upon the number of places available. Consequently, applicants submitting forms may have their applications returned if places are not available. All candidates affected by these circumstances will have their seven-year MRCPCH registration period extended by one examination sitting and be awarded priority status for the next exam. Places are allocated to candidates using the following criteria, in order:

  1. Applications from candidates working in the UK that are at a career critical stage (outcome 3 or 4 of the last ARCP which must be confirmed by the deanery) in order received;
  2. Applications from candidates working in the UK based on current stage of training (e.g. ST3 prioritised over ST2);
  3. Priority applications from candidates working in the UK in order received;
  4. Other applications from candidates working in the UK in order received;
  5. Priority applications from candidates working overseas in order received;
  6. Other applications from candidates working overseas in order received.

Applicants that are not currently within a UK training programme will not be prioritised (point 4). Candidates who are currently at a career critical stage are encouraged to submit their applications early to improve chances of placement.

MRCPCH and DCH Clinical examinations

Candidates who are not initially allocated a place will be placed on a waiting list for the exam they have applied for, in order of application status. If any placed candidates withdraw or more places are made available, candidates on the waiting list will be contacted and offered these places, in order, up to the day before the examination.

Please note that being awarded priority status does not guarantee that you will be allocated a place for a particular exam sitting.


MRCPCH Clinical - UK application pack

UK Application Form D - April 2014(PDF, 8 pages, 1465KB)

Receipt of Application Postcard (PDF, 1 page, 24KB)

MRCPCH Clinical - Overseas application pack

Overseas Application Form D - June 2014 (PDF, 11 pages, 2133KB)

Overseas Application Form D - Guidance Notes(PDF, 4 pages, 1216KB)

Check List for Overseas Applicants(PDF, 1 page, 199KB)

DCH Clinical - UK online applications

All candidates applying for the DCH Clinical UK must apply online. If you are a first-time entrant or a re-entry you must follow the guidance given below.

The DCH written examination is a common paper shared with the MRCPCH route Foundation of Practice Written Examination (previously known as MRCPCH Part 1A Written Exam). All information regarding how to apply for the Foundation of Practice written examination, including applications, is available in the Written Examinations, How to Apply section of this site.

Applications for first-time entry for the written component of the DCH route must be made using the appropriate forms.

Form B should be completed by candidates making their first attempt at the Foundation of Practice Written Examination regardless of whether the MRCPCH or DCH route is chosen. These should be submitted together with your original degree certificates (please refer to the notes accompanying Forms A and B below).

Joint applications

Candidates may submit online applications for both Foundation of Practice and the DCH Clinical Examination at the same time. Successful candidates in Foundation of Practice Written Examination will be automatically entered for the following DCH Clinical exam. (eg. if you apply and pass the Foundation of Practice sitting in February then you will go forward to take the DCH Clinical in April; similarly for the October Foundation of Practice and  November DCH Clinical exam).

For candidates making their first attempt, when submitting Forms A and B, please indicate on your form B application which Examination Route you intend to take (MRCPCH or DCH Examination); re-entrants should complete their application for Foundation of Practice (DCH Exam Route) and DCH Clinical Exam online.Once the college has allocated you an RCPCH number you will be contacted by a member of the DCH Clinical team via email informing you that you are now able to submit your application for the DCH Clinical exam online. A link to how to apply can be found here.

After you have completed your application online you will receive an email informing you that your application has been received but no payment will be taken until you have passed the Foundation of Practice written paper.

Once payment has been taken (approximately two weeks before the DCH Clinical exam week) you will receive another email confirming you have been allocated a place to sit the exam..

You will then be prompted to log into your online account (if you do not have one this can be set up by going into the members sign in area on our website) and you will be able to view your placement details.

Separate payments should be submitted / processed for each examination whether you are applying online or (if submitting an application for the first time) submitting completed Form A and B paper applications. If you have submitted joint applications payment will only be taken for the DCH Clinical if a candidate is successful in the Foundation of Practice Written Examination (previously known as MRCPCH Part 1A Written Exam) and there are sufficient available spaces at DCH Clinical host centres for that exam period.

DCH Clinical application only

If you have passed the Foundation of Practice Written Examination / Part 1 A previously you only need to apply online to take the DCH Clinical exam. You do not need to provide any other supporting documentation or evidence that you are eligible to sit the DCH Clinical exam once you have passed your Foundation of Practice / MRCPCH Part 1 A

Applicants must please note that places are limited and a submitted application to sit the exam does not guarantee a place onto the DCH Clinical Examination.

Applicants may be placed for their exam anywhere in the UK. You will not always be placed close to home but we make every effort to take special requests into consideration if you include them on your application form.

DCH Hong Kong exam applications

Applicants interested in applying to sit the DCH Written or Clinical Exam components in Hong Kong should contact the Hong Kong Exam Centre

The Hong Kong exam centre contact email is .

DCH Clinical online application notes for candidates (PDF, 6 pages 885KB)

FAQs for online applications for DCH exams candidates(PDF, 3 pages 547KB