Examination dates, fees and results information

Information about MRCPCH and DCH examination dates, fees and results

MRCPCH Clinical Examination guidance on future examinations in Egypt 

At the last meeting of the RCPCH Overseas Examination Board a decision was made to base decisions on future examination dates on advice received from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.

Should there be any changes, the RCPCH Examination Team will provide details. Please refer back to this page for up-to-date information.

2014 exam dates for MRCPCH and DCH

Overseas MRCPCH Clinical exam diets are published as and when exam dates are confirmed. 

Please refer to the contact details for overseas MRCPCH Clinical exam centre organisers documents (below) for further details on country specific application queries

Contact details - overseas MRCPCH Clinical exam centre organisers (PDF, 515KB, 2 Pages) 

2014 UK and Republic of Ireland Calendar All Exams (PDF, 55KB, 1 page) 

2014 Overseas Calendar All Exams  (PDF, 49KB, 1 page)

2014 MRCPCH Applied Knowledge in Practice Examination Overseas Centres Calendar (PDF, 20KB, 1 page)

2014 MRCPCH Foundation of Practice Theory and Science Overseas Centres Calendar  (PDF, 193KB, 2 pages)

2014-3 Overseas MRCPCH Clinical Exam timetable and fees  (PDF, 506 KB, 2 pages)

2015 exam dates for MRCPCH and DCH 

The RCPCH Examinations Team will publish the 2015 examination dates and fees for the MRCPCH and DCH examinations no later than 18 August 2014.

All UK and overseas written (theory) examination dates, application periods and fees for 2015 will be included along with all UK MRCPCH and DCH Clinical dates, application periods and fees for 2015.

Overseas MRCPCH Clinical and DCH Clinical dates will be published separately diet by diet beginning with the 2015-1 exam diets.

Examination publication dates

Results for all written (theory) examinations will be emailed to candidates six weeks after the date of the exam. Hard copies are no longer sent. 

Hard copy results will continue to be sent for all clinical examinations five weeks after the date of the exam.