Role and requirements of the RCPCH examiner

Information on the role of the RCPCH examiner, including responsibilities and our code of conduct - as well as forthcoming minimum requirements for selection, training and performance management.

Duties and responsibilities

Examiners of both the MRCPCH and DCH examinations agree to a set of duties and responsibilities, depending on the category examiner. This document outlines the processes that require examiner input, eligibility criteria, appointment process, length of service and confidentiality.

RCPCH examiner duties and responsibilities (PDF, 48KB)

Code of conduct

To help us maintain quality and standards of our MRCPCH and DCH examinations, all examiners are expected to follow our code of conduct. This addresses a general standard of behaviour, interaction with candidates, patients parents, role players and colleagues, handling of personal and sensitive data, and copyright and use of materials. In the event of any allegation of misconduct, the College will follow the process outlined in the examiner misconduct policy.

Examiner code of conduct policy (PDF, 1MB)

Examiner misconduct policy (PDF, 820KB)

Minimum requirements

In late 2014 the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges agreed a range of minimum requirements for Colleges and Faculties in relation to examiner selection, training, performance management, duration of appointment and collection of equality and diversity (E&D) data. These requirements have also been adopted by the GMC.

The College will implement these minimum standards into its examiner policy and regulations by early 2016. We will update all examiners in due course.

View the minimum requirements on the AoMRC website


If you have any questions about the role and requirements of the RCPCH examiner, please contact Sandra Baines, RCPCH Examiner Liaison Coordinator.