SpR Record of In-Training Assessment (RITA)

The RITA is a formalised assessment of a specialist registrar's (SpR's) progress towards the achievement of a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT).


The RITA is applicable to all trainees appointed prior to August 2007 and currently training under the curriculum governed by the Orange Book - A Guide to Specialist Registrar Training.

The RITA process includes the following grades:

  • Specialist Registrar (SpR)
  • Specialist Registrar (SpR) - Academic

This can also be confirmed by the suffix 'N' at the end of your National Training Number (NTN)

Ultimately, the aim of the RITA is to ensure a high standard of medical training, compatible with independent practice. It enables the trainee doctor to reflect on their progress through the feedback gained from other medical professionals, allowing them to set targets, develop an individualised educational plan, and thereby progress to more advanced levels of training.

Prior to assessment

All trainees will be contacted by their Deanery to confirm the date, time and venue of assessment.

It will be the trainee's responsibility to:

  • Confirm their attendance.
  • Provide the name and availability of their supervising consultant.
  • Provide an up-to-date curriculum vitae and Training Reports prior to the assessment.
  • Bring along their up-to-date Training Record Folders/Portfolios/Logbooks.

If the required documentation is not available on the day of review, this may result in a RITA form not being issued.

Following the RITA process

Once a RITA certificate is issued by the Deanery it will be sent to the relevant parties for signature.

Trainees must sign and return their RITA certificate to the Deanery. It will then be forwarded on to the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health to be counted toward CCT.

If the Royal College does not have a complete set of RITA Certificates when a trainee applies for CCT this will result in a delay in processing the application.