Trainee Annual Reviews (ARCP)

ARCP stands for Annual Review of Competence Progression and is a formal review of how well a trainee is progressing in relation to their learning agreement for their training programme, as well as assessing their ability to progress to the next level.

The ARCP is underpinned by appraisal, assessment and annual planning.

The ARCP process includes the following grades:

  • Specialty Registrar (ST)
  • Specialty Registrar (ST) - Academic

This can also be confirmed by the suffix 'C' or 'A' at the end of your National Training Number (NTN)

The ARCP panel will base its decision on the evidence submitted by the trainee, for the period since commencing training or the previous ARCP review. The ARCP records the competencies attained by trainees and their progression through the training programme.

Flexible trainees undertake annual ARCPs but their learning agreements will reflect their less than full time status.

The ARCP panel will review the evidence submitted and make their recommendation without the trainee being there.  Depending on local Deanery processes, trainees may be invited receive feedback and to discuss their outcome and future plans with the ARCP Panel.

The ARCP replaced the RITA (Record of In-Training Assessment) that is still undertaken by Calman Trainees (SpR).

ARCP guidance

This can be downloaded and read here

Who does my ARCP?

The ARCP is undertaken by a panel of assessors. Members of the panel may include the Training Programme Director, other members of the relevant Specialty Training Committee, a College representative, a Deanery representative, an academic representative, an “external” representative or a lay representative.

What happens at the ARCP?

The ARCP panel reviews a trainee’s progress based on the evidence submitted and provides the trainee with an outcome. Depending on the local process trainees may be required to submit evidence electronically or provide hard copies. The panel will let trainees know exactly what they are required to submit but this will include:

  • Structured reports from their Educational Supervisor
  • College Work Based Assessment Forms (via ASSET)
  • ePortfolio (Curriculum Entries, Development Logs, Skills Logs & PDP)
  • Updated Registration Form (Form R)

The outcome of the ARCP will determine the rate at which trainee’s progress through the training programme. If trainees consistently under perform or fail to supply sufficient evidence to ARCP they may be asked to relinquish their National Training Number. The ARCP also provides a mechanism for determining CCT dates for trainees. For more information on the 8 possible outcomes please see appendix 4 of the Gold Guide.