Medical Training Initiative (Paediatrics)

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health has developed the MTI(p) scheme to enable non-UK/EEA paediatricians, with MRCPCH or other postgraduate qualifications, to undertake high-quality postgraduate training in paediatrics for a maximum of 24 months, before returning to work in their home countries.

What are the benefits to candidates?

Working in an RCPCH-approved clinical setting, the successfully appointed International Fellows will undertake a range of clinical training, exposing them not only to the specified area of paediatrics offered, but also to child protection, safe prescribing and medico-legal practice, whilst being encouraged to engage in reflective practice and coaching/mentoring.

The scheme will provide the MTI(p) Fellow with the opportunity to enhance and develop skills across a range of areas including leadership and management, developing guidelines, conducting audit and research, and understanding of clinical governance, whilst working in an environment where a patient-centered approach is the main focus.

The RCPCH is committed to providing a training opportunity which benefits both the Fellow, their home country and the NHS units in which they will be working.

What type of posts will be offered?

Posts will be offered at a 'middle grade' level, equivalent in standard to Level 2 of the UK ST training curricula. After a period of three to six months induction at a more junior levels, it is expected that candidates will progress sufficiently to spend the remaining 18-21 months working at a more senior level.

Download full list of posts for 2015 (PDF, 1.72MB)


'I had a very good learning experience in both the hospitals. The educational supervisors were very supportive in guiding my career plans. The trusts were very helpful in providing study leave for my learning. I would recommend this training for my colleagues.'
 - MTI Fellow - Sept 2014 

‘The training and clinical exposure has been wonderful. I have grown a lot as a clinician and person during my stay here. This has been an excellent program by the RCPCH. I hope this continues and many more benefit from it.’ 
 - MTI Fellow – July 2014

'RCPCH was very supportive since the beginning. The response to e-mails was very quick. This College gives good support in terms of the exams and continuous assessments.'
 - MTI Fellow - July 2014

'The programme has been very useful. RCPCH needs to be commended for providing opportunities for foreign graduates to train in the UK. The college has been very supportive, I have learnt a lot during my training.  My clinical acumen and confidence in dealing with neonates have improved significantly.'
 - MTI Fellow - July 2014


The College offers two application routes for this scheme: MTI(p) College and MTI(p) Trust.

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If you have any questions about the scheme, or would like to register your interest for the future, please contact