Medical Training Initiative (Paediatrics)

Our MTI(p) scheme enables non-UK/EEA paediatricians, with MRCPCH or other postgraduate qualifications, to undertake high quality postgraduate training in paediatrics for a maximum of 24 months, before returning to work in their home countries. Find out more about the benefits and read testimonials.

What are the benefits to candidates?

International Fellows on the MTI(p) scheme work in an RCPCH-approved clinical setting, exposing them not only to the specified area of paediatrics but also to child protection, safe prescribing and medico-legal practice.

We encourage Fellows to engage in reflective practice and coaching/mentoring.

The scheme provide Fellows with the opportunity to enhance and develop skills across a range of areas including leadership and management, developing guidelines, conducting audit and research and understanding of clinical governance. The main focus is to work in an environment with a patient-centered approach.

The College is committed to providing a training opportunity that benefits the Fellow, their home country and the NHS units in which they will be working.

What type of posts are offered?

Posts are offered at a 'middle grade' level, equivalent in standard to Level 2 of the UK ST training curricula. After a period of three to six months induction at a more junior levels, it is expected that candidates will progress sufficiently to spend the remaining 18-21 months working at a more senior level.


The College offers two application routes for this scheme:

  • MTI(p) College - for applications via RCPCH; some 2016 posts are still available
  • MTI(p) Trust - for those who have secured a role in an NHS organisation

Testimonials from MTI Fellows

"The level of support I received right from the start of my training was excellent. Starting work in a new country with a markedly different healthcare setup was bound to be anxiety inducing, but the support I received from my educational supervisors allayed my concerns and helped me induct into the system with ease.

"They continued to provide valuable guidance and support throughout my training. My co-workers including the nursing and the paramedical staff were very helpful and understanding making my work an enjoyable experience.

"The experience gained during my time as a MTI trainee has been invaluable. It helped me refine my clinical skills while working with some very well trained and supportive seniors. Of particular mention is the experience that I gained in areas that are not so well developed in my home country like child protection, communication, transport of sick children, etc."

 - MTI Fellow - August 2015

"I have recieved amazing support from my co-workers and educational supervisor - I was made to feel like a member of the team and I gained so much especially in the field of neonatology. My time in the MTI exceeded my expectations. I have grown much more as a paediatric doctor.

"The knowledge I have gained in neonatology has been incredible. I am much more confident with managing neonates. I have gained a lot of practical skills which I had never tried before."

- MTI Fellow – August 2015

"All the consultants and other staff have been very supportive and encouraging, and helped me understand the NHS sytem fairly soon in the course of my learning curve.

"I have gained immensely, not only in taking care of sick children, but also in developing overall capabilities in terms of leadership qualities , managerial skills and understanding human factors at every level of organisation.

"The impact of this training is obviously going to be very positive and life-long and I would like to thank everyone involved in making this programme accessible to candidates with background similar to that of mine."

 - MTI Fellow - August 2015


If you have any questions about the scheme, or would like to register your interest for the future, please contact