Adolescent Health Programme (AHP)



Dr Helena Gleeson, AHP Clinical Lead and National Champion

AHP is a Department of Health (DoH) sponsored programme for NHS healthcare professionals.  This free programme supports the delivery of quality care to young people (aged 11-19 years). AHP is run by the RCPCH and E-learning for Healthcare.


  • supports CPD for healthcare professionals
  • improved health outcomes of young people
  • improved health experiences of young people.

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Overview and purpose

The AHP helps healthcare professionals to get the right knowledge and skills to help their young patients lead healthier and more active lives.

  • Clinical experts and subject specialists have written over 70 AHP training sessions to help the range of healthcare professionals understand the views of young people and professionals.
  • AHP includes 30 topics using  video clips and case studies. Trainees can learn at a time and place to suit them, using the 20-minute sessions through the internet.
  • Medical professionals can get free access to the adolescent health e-learning programme. Other healthcare professionals can use their local national learning management system to access their details.

'This is a high-quality and accessible training package. The e-learning sessions will equip healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to communicate effectively with young people. This will help adolescents to recognise the potential consequences for their health of their actions and to make changes that will lead to a healthy future.' Professor Terence Stephenson, President of the RCPCH


AHP contributors

AHP was developed in collaboration with the following organisations:


Useful Information & Materials

National Champion
Dr Helena Gleeson (PDF, 30KB, 1 page), Consultant in Adolescent Endocrinology 



Email: Education Provision Team
Telephone: 0207 092 6000
Please email us to request a demo of AHP training at your institution. You can also request AHP promo materials to help promote AHP locally.



Download the AHP Curriculum (PDF, 440KB, 3 pages)

Download 'Coming of Age' article (PDF, 28KB, 2 pages)

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