The RCPCH offers guidance for all paediatric trainees in approved training posts on workplace-based assessments/Supervised Learning Events (SLEs).

Assessment guide for trainees and trainers


Download assessment guide for trainees and trainers (PDF, 800KB)

Workplace-based assessments / SLEs

We recommend that trainees do at least one or two supervised learning events (SLEs) per month, across all training levels. 

      Follow the links for detailed guidance and information on each SLE:

Specific advice:

Falsification of workplace-based assessments/SLEs

Please read this College guidance document on how we deal with potential falsification of workplace-based assessments. 

Falsification protocol (PDF, 94KB, 5 pages)

Online assessment systems

Assessments must be completed online using ASSET.

Trainees can view their completed online assessments via ePortfolio. Results will be uploaded each week to their ePortfolio account. Trainers will be able to see the progress of their trainees from within the ePortfolio.

Due to the iterative and collaborative way in which the College's online systems have developed over time to support trainees and career grade doctors, members currently have access to four online support systems. Members often ask why they are not amalgamated and how they interlink.

Read our summary of links and future developments (MS Word, 14KB)