Paediatric Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise (ePaedMini-CEX)

ePaedMiniCeX is a workplace-based assessment tool/Supervised Learning Event for paediatric run-through trainees and is designed to provide feedback on skills essential to the provision of good clinical care in a UK paediatric setting. 

How many ePaedMini-Cex assessments do you need to complete?

We recommend that trainees do at least one or two SLEs per month, whether this is mini-CeX or any other assessment.

You will need to complete a minimum of:

  • 8 observed encounters per year for Level 1 (ST1-3)
  • 6 observed encounters per year for Level 2 (ST 4, 5)
  • 4 observed encounters per year for Level 3 (ST 6-8)

Download further guidance:

 Mini-CEX Guidance September 2013 (PDF, 273KB, 4 pages)

boy being examined.web.JPGConsultants are well placed to provide feedback for Mini-CeXs, but trainees may learn from others and wish to record some CeXs with other staff, usually more senior trainees, such as SAS doctors and SpRs.


Your ePaedMiniCeX will need to be completed online, using the Assessment Services for Education and Training resource ASSET 

You can view an ePaedMiniCeX form, but the final form must be completed online.

Mini-CEX Assessment Form 2013 (PDF, 263KB, 2 pages)

You can view Mini-CeX exemplars below:

Mini-Cex 2013 (MS Doc, 179KB, 2 pages)

Mini-Cex 2013 (MS Doc, 179KB, 2 pages) 


If you have any queries about this, or any other assessment, please email