three-children-with-computer_Not_Just_a_Phase.jpgePortfolio is the College's online learning tool for trainees and their supervisors to log their activities and monitor progress through the curriculum.

ePortfolio integration project

RCPCH are pleased to announce we are currently working on a project to integrate ASSET with a new ePortfolio system to provide one place for trainees and supervisors to access all progression data. For more information on the project please see our project page here.

Who do I contact to update my ePortfolio?

The first port of call is your Deanery administrator.  If they cannot resolve your problem then contact the College.

What is ePortfolio?

An online educational tool for trainees to record their learning in all its forms and settings.  It facilitates their development and gives structure and evidence to support their training. For supervisors and Deaneries it helps structure WBAs and monitor progress and competency attainment for ARCPs. ePortfolio is the tool that holds together curriculum learning and assessment. You can access the system here: www.nhseportfolios.org

Who can have an ePortfolio account and how do I get one?

ePortfolio is mandatory for all ST trainees but is also available to SpRs and all non-training paediatricians in UK service posts.  You would need to register with the College as a trainee and be a member. Please register for an account  here or contact training.enquiries@rcpch.ac.uk

If you have been appointed as an Educational Supervisor by your College Tutor and require an account, please contact eportfolio@rcpch.ac.uk.

FAQs and Guidance

This guidance document is aimed at Trainees, Educational and Clinical Supervisors and College Tutors and provides a mix of practical advice and tips for getting the most out of ePortfolio.

ePortfolio FAQs and Guidance 2012  (PDF, 193KB, 13 pages)


The curriculum enables the trainee to provide a robust and verifiable record of their achievement of the required competences. It is also an excellent learning tool to inform you of the expected competences at each level of training, chart your progress through the run-through training programme, and help identify your future learning needs and define objectives for your PDP. Please read the guidance document which explains which curricula to follow at which stage of your training.  If you are not in the ST programme you should make entries to the curricula applicable to the level at which you are working.  All RCPCH Curricula can be found here.


Your Deanery will inform you of what they expect to see in your ePortfolio at ARCPs. It is useful to be aware of these requirements early in the training year to avoid any surprises. If you are unsure of these requirements please contact yourDeanery administrator(PDF, 44KB, 1 page).

Workplace-based Assessments (WBAs)

The RCPCH uses a system called ASSET to record WBAs (CbD, DOPs, Mini-CEX, MSF) which are all viewable in ePortfolio the day after they are completed. If you cannot view your WBAs in ePortfolio please contact us.

ePortfolio Mobile Web Application:

A beta app for NES ePortfolio is now available https://app.nhseportfolios.org/app/.

It gives trainees an opportunity to use their mobile devices to record entries in their Skills log. It does work offline and you can select this from the homepage. Please ensure that you sync your data as soon as possible and do not restart or switch off your device until you have done so.

Email any feedback you have to eportfolio@rcpch.ac.uk

Two-part Trainer's Report guidance for trainees and supervisors

Two-part Trainer's Report forms, with sections for Educational Supervisor and Clinical Supervisor, are now on ePortfolio. Please consult the Trainer’s Report Guidance (pdf) on how to complete the report.

Academic Guidance for ePortfolio

Research/Academic Objectives (PDF, 19KB, 1 page)

For more Academic Guidance click here

ePortfolio Privacy notice

ePortfolio Privacy Notice (PDF, 52KB, 2 pages)