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The MTI(p) Trust route is for those applicants who have themselves secured a suitable placement within an NHS Trust in the UK. If you are interested in pursuing this route, you need to research a Trust  interested in offering you a post.


The MTI(p) Trust route is for those applicants who have themselves secured a suitable placement within an NHS Trust in the UK (ie the placement has not been advertised and appointed to via the College scheme). 

In order to facilitate this appointment - including General Medical Council (GMC) registration - the applicant can make an MTI(p) Trust application, subject to the eligibility and document requirements (see below). 

The application process works in a very similar way to the MTI(p) College route; however, the NHS Trust is responsible for managing the selection process.

An application can be made via the MTI(p) Trust route at any time throughout the year.

Where to start? Useful tips on researching available placements

Please register your interest with NHS jobs - your search should be focussed on middle-grade posts, fellowship posts etc. Once you find a post you are interested in please make a contact with the chosen trust and inquire about joining through the MTI Scheme.

Please look at the posts available in the last 2017 recruitment round (Word, 1.7MB) - it is a good idea to contact Trusts that put forward the posts in the last round to inquire whether any new posts became available.

Please note, an MTI application can take six or more months to complete (from application to entry into the UK).  Applicants and NHS Trusts should therefore plan well in advance and contact the College in sufficient time to allow the application to be made.

Eligibility and documentation

The eligibility criteria are the same for the College and Trust routes. Please note there are no exceptions to the eligibility criteria listed. All applicants must meet these requirements.

Please visit the MTI(p) College page for eligibility and documentation requirements.

Guidance for applicants

MTI(p) Trust Flowchart (PDF, 179 KB) - demonstrates the steps required in the MTI(p) Trust route

For further details on the whole MTI(p) process from application to appointment, as well as a guide to moving and adjusting to life in the UK and how to get the most of your MTI placement, please visit the MTI(p) College page.

The College ID check

Please visit the MTI(p) College page for information about the College's ID checking process.

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