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The Medical Training Initiative (paediatrics) College application round is now closed, though some posts are still available. Read our guidance for applicants, including eligiblity criteria, plus the documents you'll need. If you are interested in applying in our 2018 recruitment round please start to preparing now - attend your IELTS exam as soon as possible! We will not accept any applicants without the valid IELTS exam.

Guidance for applicants

MTI(p) relocation guide (PDF 2.72 MB) - about moving and adjusting to life in the UK, plus how to get the most of your MTI placement

Eligibility criteria - including person specification

All applicants must meet all of these requirements.

You must be resident overseas at the time the application to the scheme is initiated and have no rights of residence in the UK/EU/EEA/Switzerland.

You must have achieved the required Academic IELTS ("UKVI Academic IELTS" is not a requirement) of an overall score of 7.5 with a minimum score of 7.0 in each section - speaking, reading, writing & listening (n.b. a score of 7.0 in all four categories will be insufficient to give an overall score of 7.5).
The test is valid for two years from the date it was taken. No other English language examination will be accepted nor exceptions be granted. Candidates must hold a valid IELTS certificate at the point of application and any subsequent registration with the GMC. The IELTS can be completed in either British Council or IDP centre.

You must have completed an acceptable internship (or equivalent) of not less than 12 months following undergraduate training (in accordance with the General Medical Council legislation).

You must hold a primary medical qualification accepted by the General Medical Council,

You must hold an appropriate postgraduate paediatric qualification (preferably gained within the last three years) OR full MRCPCH.

You must have been engaged in medical practice for a minimum of 36 out of the last 60 months including the most recent 12 months.

You must have been employed for the 12 months preceding an application to the GMC - any gaps in employment of over  four weeks may mean your GMC application is rejected. Please contact the GMC on 0044 0161 923 6602 to inquire if you have any employment gaps in the most recent 12 months. You might be required to provide additional documentation to explain employment gaps - please ensure you are able to provide such documentation before you are prompted to do so.

You must hold a record of satisfactory training of at least 36 months’ clinical training in paediatrics (including general paediatrics, neonatology, paediatric sub-specialties and no more than six months of a non-paediatric speciality during this 36 month period.

And, you need to ensure you meet the requirements in the MTI(p) person specification (PDF, 28 KB, 4 pages).

Mandatory TB testing

We recommend you read the requirements for TB testing and how this applies to your circumstances on the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) website.

Which documents you need for your application

You will need all of the below documents, which must be attested by a solicitor, a notary, the British Embassy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the British Council. It is entirely the Applicant's responsibility to ensure all documents (especially the Certificate of Good Standing and Police Check) are up to date.

If your name listed on your passport in some way does not match your name listed on your PMQ, Internship or PGQ certificates (due to differences in spelling or omission of part of your name etc.), please be prepared to provide a letter form a relevant educational institution confirming your identity -otherwise it will cause delay in your GMC registration. 

  1. Attested copy of your passport.
  2. Attested copy of your Primary Medical Qualification Certificate in the original language (and translated if necessary).
  3. Attested copy of your certificate of completion of internship OR a letter from your Medical School/University confirming completion of an internship. This must detail dates and specialties for each post and confirm that your conduct was satisfactory.
  4. Attested copy of your Post-Graduate Medical Qualification in the original language (and translated if necessary)
  5. Original or attested copies of your syllabus/curriculum signed by the relevant authoritie (translated if necessary). Please ensure that the curriculum includes information listed in our Postgraduate Degree Assessment Criteria. This only applies to applicants who do not hold MRCPCH.
  6. Letter from the relevant medical regulatory authority or Cerrtificate of Registration, confirming that your post-graduate qualification and institution was recognised by them at the time of completion.
  7. Certificate of Good Standing from each country where training has been undertaken. This must include one from your current country of work, granted within the last three months. In the UK, the CoGS is only valid for three months. It is your responsibility to ensure yours is valid for the time of the application for GMC registration. What is the Certificate of good standing? Please read here.
  8. Attested copy of British Council IELTS certificate.
  9. Attested copy of a current police check. This document is valid for six months only.
  10. Copy of marriage certificate (if applicable).

   11. References from 3 referees  who have supervised the applicant’s clinical training during the last three yearsof their employment or postgraduate training. Please provide your referees with the following templates (no other form of references will be accepted).

a) MTI Reference form - This form is to be completed by 2 Consultants Paediatricians, one of them must be the current or most recent consultant or educational supervisor familiar with their clinical development. In the event that they have been in the same post for the past three years or longer they should provide references from your current and two most recent posts.

b) PGQ Reference form - This form must be completed by the Head of Department of the institution issuing your Postgraduate Degree. 

References must be send to us in sealed envelopes together with the remaining documents.

We will not be able to start the GMC registration until we receive hard certified copies of all of the above documents plus 3 sets of references  from your referees. It is your responsibility to ensure your referees respond promptly to our request for references.

As some of this documentation may take time to prepare, you are advised to start collating it as soon as possible. Further information on this documentation and the form in which it should be presented can be found in the guidance for applications (see above guidance). When you send us any scans of documents, please ensure you name them according to the above list.

Please be aware that some of the documents are time-sensitive, such as the certificate of good standing (valid only for three months from the issue date) and the police check (valid for six months). You need to have these documents valid at the time you make your application for registration with the GMC.

Application fee

Application fee in the 2016 recruitment round is £75 (£78 if paid by card) charged when the application form is submitted to the College.

College ID check

Upon successful completion of an MTI application and arrival in the UK and prior to commencing work, every applicant is required to attend the College for an ID check. 

You must bring with you the original copies of each document submitted in support of your application. Your Tier 5 visa will also be checked and verified.

You will be given an enrollment form to complete and will be asked to pay the first year training fees (£200 in cash or £208 by card) which will enable access to RCPCH online assessment tool, ePortfolio, for the first 12 months of your training. (If your placement is for 24 months you'll be asked to pay the £200 second year training fees after 12 months in post.)

Please contact to book an ID check appointment in good time.

For those attending GMC ID checks in London it is advised to book your College ID check on the same day (normally an hour afterwards)

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