NTN Grid interview information

Find out the indicative interview dates for sub-specialty training (NTN grid), and how you'll need to prepare.

Interview dates by sub-specialty

Candidates must attend interviews on the below dates and in person, and not by telephone or videoconference. These dates are subject to change.

 Clinical Pharmacology   TBC
 Community Child Health  20-22 November 2017
 Diabetes and Endocrinology   30 November 2017
 Emergency Medicine   29-30 November 2017
 Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition   30 November 2017
 Immunology, Infectious Diseases and Allergy   30 November 2017
 Intensive Care Medicine   27-28 November 2017
 Metabolic Medicine  TBC
 Neonatal Medicine   27-29 November 2017
 Nephrology   28 November 2017
 Neurodisability   28-29 November 2017
 Neurology   28-29 November 2017 
 Oncology   23 November 2017
 Palliative Medicine   TBC
 Respiratory Medicine   22-23 November 2017
 Rheumatology   TBC

All interviews are held at RCPCH London office, unless otherwise specified in the letter you receive. 

Documentation you need to bring

RCPCH trainees

  • Passport or driving licence as proof of identity
  • Passport sized photo with name and GMC number printed on back (x1 copy)
  • Confirmation of eligibility form (x1 copy)
  • Print out of latest ARCP outcome (x1 copy)

Please note that each sub-speciality may request for you to bring additional information to interview. This will be confirmed on the interview invitation

RCOA/EEA applicants

Please contact ntn.grid@rcpch.ac.uk for confirmation of what documentation will be required for interview. 


If you have any queries please email ntn.grid@rcpch.ac.uk.