NHS Education for Scotland

Contacts for Scotland - including Head of School, Training Programme Directors and Administrators - as well as your College's representatives for Scotland.

Medical schools


College Contacts

Deanery contacts - North/North East and East Scotland


North / North East


Deanery Administrator


Kathryn Reid (north)

Allyson Still (north)

Dr Detlev Rogahn (North)

Gillian Bruce (east)


e-Portfolio Champion



Dr Shetty Bhushan

Dr Katherine Lawlor

IPTS Champion

Dr Catherine Hauptfleisch

Dr Birgit Wefers

Principle Regional Examiner (PRE)
- North, North East & Eastern
Dr Amalia Mayo

Head of School/Programme Director

 Dr Helen Freeman (north) Dr Alice Jollands  Dr 

Regional Lead

 Dr Medhat Ezzat


Deanery contacts - South East and West Scotland


South East


IPTS Champion

Dr John Morrice

Dr Peter MacDonald

Dr Lesley Jackson

Principle Regional Examiner (PRE)

Dr Gopi Menon

Dr Sam Ibhanesebhor

Head of School

Dr Ulf Theilen 

Dr John Morrice 

Dr Chris Lilley 

Programme Directors

Dr Ulf Theilen or

Dr John Morrice

Dr Chris Lilley or

Dr Kerry Kasem

Regional Lead

Prof Hamish Wallace

Dr Carol Dryden

Deanery Administrator

Emma McFadyen

Laura Armstrong

e-Portfolio Champion

Dr John Morrice

Carol Dryden

Bridget Oates

College contacts 

LTFT Training Adviser

 Dr David Cordiner

Regional General Paediatrics Training Adviser


RCPCH Administrators

Claire Burnett

Trainee Representatives

Dr Muhammad Salman Khurshid (North, East, South)

Dr Elise Weir  (West)

Academic Regional Advisers

Dr Jurgen Schwarze (South East)

Dr Steve Turner (North/North East Scotland)

Dr James Paton (West Scotland)

Vacant (East Scotland)