Advocacy Committee

The College has a permanent Advocacy Committee to constantly review issues of children’s rights and specifically issues of access to health and healthcare to improve children's health and healthcare in this country and overseas.

Advocacy reading

Advocacy Publications List (PDF, 297KB, 2 pages)

Professor Spencer's Articles (PDF, 15KB, 1 page)

Law, rights and ethics of medical care for children Course


Advocacy Committee

Advocacy Committee members come from the membership of the College, including representation of doctors in training, as well as lay advisors to the College.

Advocacy Committee Minutes April 2012 (PDF, 591KB, 5 pages)

Advocacy Comittee Minutes July 2012 (PDF, 938KB, 7 pages)


Committee members:

  • Dr Nick Lessof, Chair
  • Professor Mitch Blair, Health Promotion Officer – Ex Officio
  • Dr Jane Ritchie, BACCH Representative
  • Dr Penny Gibson
  • Dr Nik Johnson
  • Dr Delan Devakumar, Trainee Representative
  • Dr Nicholas Hoque, Trainee Representative
  • Ms Helen Millar, Lay Representative


To contact the Advocacy Committee, please email Serean Williamson