Not Just a Phase



'Not Just a Phase - a guide to the participation of children and young people in health services' was launched on 20 April 2010 by Professor Terence Stephenson, former President of the RCPCH.

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About the report

The publication provides information to ensure the safe, meaningful and ethical participation of children and young people within the delivery of quality child health services.It also practically demonstrates how we can contribute towards creating a culture of participation. The publication has been developed and published by the RCPCH and the Young People's Health Special Interest Group.

'Not Just a Phase' is divided into six sections:

  • why paediatricians and service leads need to know about children and young people's participation;
  • the theory and evidence basis for participation;
  • key principles of participation;
  • essential elements of a participation strategy and project;
  • how to create a culture of participation;
  • examples of participation in practice.

'Not Just a Phase' is designed primarily for paediatricians, senior children's nurses and leaders of organisations which provide general and specialised health services for children and young people.

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