College Officers

The RCPCH President, Registrar, Honorary Treasurer, Vice Presidents and Officers govern the College.

President, Registrar, Honorary Treasurer and Vice Presidents


Professor Neena Modi


   Ian Maconochie

   Lisa Kaufmann, Treasurer  Carol Ewing

Dr Ian Maconochie

  Dr Lisa Kauffmann
  Honorary Treasurer

 Dr Carol Ewing
 Vice President
 Health Policy
Andrew Long Anne Greenough


Dr Andrew Long
Vice President

Prof Anne Greenough
Vice President
Science & Research

Dr David Evans 
Vice President
Training & Assessment

Other Officers

Dr Bhanu Williams
International Officer / David Baum Fellow

Officer for Ireland

Dr Stephen Turner
Officer for Scotland

Dr Mair Parry
Officer for Wales

Dr Ashley Reece
Officer for Assessment

Dr John Alexander
Officer for Clinical Standards and Quality Improvement

Dr Peter Dale
Officer for Training

Dr Carol Roberts
Officer for Continuing Professional Development & Revalidation

Dr Jane Valente
Officer for Examinations

Dr Simon Clark
Officer for Workforce Planning

Dr Geoff Debelle
Officer for Child Protection

Professor Russell Viner
Officer for Health Promotion

Dr Ki Pang
Officer for Education Programme Development (Job Share)

Dr Judith van der Voort
Officer for Education Programme Development (Job Share)


Council is the governing body of the College. It comprises the elected officers and regional representatives and a limited number of other elected representatives who together serve as the Trustees of the College, in addition to a number of observers.

More about Council and other committees