New Trainees in Wales

Congratulations on becoming a Paediatric Trainee in Wales.

For  detailed information about being a Paediatric Specialty Trainee (ST) vist the College Trainee Support Centre to download a trainee welcome pack and access more information for trainees.


The very first thing you should do as a trainee is enrol with the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. If you do not enrol you will not be able to access ePortfolio; and your assessment documents and training logs cannot be recorded.

More information on application forms and fees


ePortfolio is the College's online learning tool, for trainees and their supervisors to log their activities and monitor progress through the curriculum.

Trainees can track their progress, keep a log of their activities, record the skills and knowledge they have gained and assessments they have taken.

A central source of information for all those involved in training, the ePortfolio contains details of the curriculum and assessments required at each stage of training, templates for Personal Development Plans and areas for reflective learning.

In order to use ePortfolio, trainees need to be enrolled with the College.

More information about ePortfolio

ePortfolio website

Who does what, and who can help?

Wales Deanery Lead for Paediatrics

Dr Helen Fardy is the Deanery Lead for Paediatrics and heads up the paediatrics specialty.

Regional Advisor (Wales)

The College Regional Advisor is Dr Anneli Allman. She is assisted by the Deputy Regional Advisor.

Programme Directors
There are two Programme Directors in Wales. Dr Yvette Cloete is the Director for senior trainees (ST4+). For junior trainees (ST1-ST3), the Programme Director is Dr. Geraint Morris

Educational Supervisors
When you start your post at a hospital you will be allocated an Educational Supervisor. This is usually a consultant, but may not necessarily be the consultant for whom you are working. He or she will remain as your supervisor until you complete your contract. A meeting between you and your Educational Supervisor will take place within three weeks of the start of the attachment.

Although the Supervisor should initiate this, it is the responsibility of both parties to ensure that this meeting happens.

The planning meeting will set targets for educational progress during the post. A date should then be set for a further meeting after three months.

College Tutors
Each hospital in Wales has a clinician, or College Tutor, who is responsible for training and trainees on their site. College Tutors are responsible for organising the education programme for all the trainees in their hospital and is the local representative on the regional training committee. He / she liaises with the Regional Adviser and other Tutors to develop training programmes and ensures that all trainees are allocated an educational supervisor, have timely appraisals and have access to a mentor if requested.

Wales Deanery
The Specialty Training Office at the Deanery administrates the Paediatric training programme in Wales. If you have a query about recruitment, your current or future post, or about assessment you should contact the Deanery in the first instance.

Telephone: 02920 687486

The RCPCH has a dedicated office for Welsh members. As well as organising events and meetings, the RCPCH office deals with the administration of ePortfolio for trainees and Educational Supervisors. If you have a query about ePortfolio, contact.

Telephone: 02920 455414

Trainee Representative
The College has a Trainees Committee which meets three times per year. The Trainees Committee works on matters of relevance to trainees and to the college. The general bulk of their work is related to training and assessment.

The Committee also sends its representatives to sit on other committees and working groups within and outside of the college. These include committees on exams, child protection, subspecialties and many other issues.

The Wales region is represented by two Trainee Representatives who should contact you regularly by e-mail about various issues that have been discussed by the Trainees Committee. Your trainee representatives are Lizzy Nickerson and Satish Billa