Key Data on Young People 2017 published today by the Association for Young People's Health

Prof Russell Viner says it provides "further grim, yet wholly familiar, reading for anyone working in the field of children and young people’s health"

Obesity Health Alliance analysis reveals soaring costs of obesity as junk food companies pour millions into advertising

Spending on junk food advertising far outweighs the amount Government is able to spend on healthy eating campaigns, creating an unbalanced environment

Care Quality Commission report warns the future quality of the health system is at risk as it struggles to cope with demand

RCPCH President Prof Neena Modi says the situation will not improve without political commitment to a properly resourced and managed health service


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Medical Royal Colleges in Northern Ireland call for urgent action health and social care reform

The delay in health transformation is having a huge impact on patients in Northern Ireland: we need a strategic approach

Publications and resources

Global impact report 2012-2017

This report offers some preliminary evidence and analysis of RCPCH Global programmes supporting stronger paediatric and child healthcare in low-income settings around the world.

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Annual Review 2016

Our 2016 annual review, published in February 2017, provides an overview of RCPCH activities from the calendar year, 01 January 2016 - 31 December 2016.

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State of Child Health 2017

This report brings together data for the first time on 25 measures of the health of UK children, ranging from specific conditions and risk factors for poor health to child deaths.

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