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Working for change

Read our final report in our two-year Working for Change programme. Learn more about our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.
Our first tool helps you better understand child poverty and health inequalities. Learn more about the main drivers and how they affect child health.
Explore our specialty further and get advice for preparing your application. You can also learn more about our two annual prizes for foundation doctors
Young girl wearing glasses looking to camera and writing in book
We partnered with the Wellbeing and Health Action Movement to create equalites in child health and wellbeing. Read the evidence and learn how you can take action.

Latest news and blogs


A young person’s experience of living with epilepsy

In this first of a podcast series from the Medicines for Children team, we speak with Fiona, a young person with epilepsy, and her mum, Karen. It's an honest and lively discussion from their fear at first diagnosis to working out the right medication, to learning to live well with the condition.
President's blog

Never a dull week – President’s blog

From the three days of NHS strike action to the spring budget, there has been a lot to react to this week. Camilla reflects also on our advocacy on migrant health as well as upcoming genomics webinars this month.
making pasta

Pasta? Thai-Italian fusion? Check out some member recipes for food inspiration.