Diabetes Quality Programme team

To support the ongoing improvement in paediatric diabetes outcomes in England and Wales demonstrated over the past decade, the National Children and Young People’s Diabetes Network, in partnership with the RCPCH, established the National Diabetes Quality Programme (NDQP). It is funded by participating Trusts and Health Boards and commenced in April 2018. The NDQP covers 90% of children and young people’s diabetes services in England and Wales. The integrated Programme is designed to help multi-disciplinary teams (MDTs) in Paediatric Diabetes Units (PDUs) transform the way they work to improve outcomes and deliver best practice care as efficiently as possible. It has been developed utilising the following principles:

  • Encouraging teams and networks to work efficiently and effectively to reduce variation in outcomes
  • Develop ongoing clinical support for the Programme
  • Benchmarking compliance with Best Practice Tariff criteria and other standards
  • Fostering peer challenge and liaison; developmental and not judgemental
  • Identifying notable practice and projects for Quality Improvement.

Find out more on our web pages, or for more information or any questions, contact the team on diabetesquality@rcpch.ac.uk.

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