Diabetes Quality Programme team

This team consists of a Programme Manager, Quality Assurance Project Manager, Quality Improvement Project Manager, a team of Researchers and an Administrator.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact the team: diabetesquality@rcpch.ac.uk

Dr Andrea Srur – Programme Manager

Andrea is a Medical doctor with an MSc in Management and Organisational Innovation and an MSc in Heath Systems and Global Policies from Queen Mary University. Before joining the RCPCH Andrea was Head of the Non-communicable Disease (NCD) Department at the Ministry of Health in Chile, working on NCD policies, strengthening the national network and bringing stakeholders together. Andrea was also the Outcomes, Analytics and Benchmarking Manager at the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM - London). At ICHOM Andrea had the opportunity to implement outcome measurement, quality improvement and value-based healthcare in hospitals across the UK, Europe and South America.

Heather Clark - Quality Assurance Project Manager

Heather joined the Programme in October 2018.  Prior to this she was part of the RCPCH Governance team supporting College Committees, the Advisory Appointment Committee process (AAC) and was part of the College’s ACCEA team. She previously worked for the National Clinical Assessment Service (NCAS) which sought to identify and resolve concerns about the professional practice of doctors, dentists and pharmacists using a whole scope of practice approach. Heather also has experience of multidisciplinary working, having worked with local safeguarding children boards to raise standards of multi-agency working and improve safeguarding of children and young people.

Matt Oultram - Quality Improvement Project Manager

Matt joined the team in October 2019. His previous role was at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, on the Quality Networks for Forensic, Prison and PICU services. His qualifications include a BA in Criminology and an MSc in Working with Personality Disorder. Matt thoroughly enjoys working with multi-disciplinary staff teams, facilitating training and is passionate about helping to improve services for young people. 

Leon Kpakiwa – Programme Administrator

Leon joined the Programme in July 2018. He has three years background working in an NHS Hospital and three years working for a sexual health service charity before joining the team.

Eva Anjoom-Zaman – Researcher

Eva previously worked for the Royal College of Psychiatrist’s Accreditation Network for Community Mental Health Services. Her qualifications include BSc (Hons) Psychology and MSc Mental Health Studies. Eva is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. Eva has chosen to focus on quality improvement and research within health settings in hope of improving longer term outcomes and timely access to all therapies for patients.

Nhung – Researcher

Nhung joined the RCPCH in 2019 as a researcher for the NCYP Diabetes Quality Programme. Nhung has previously worked in the fertility sector, working with clinicians and membership bodies to update national guidelines across England.

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