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We provide a range of internal and external services for the College. These include:

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Council meeting summary - February 2019

The College's Council last met on 13 February 2019. The main topics discussed were an update on membership engagement, the workforce briefing from last December and the creation of a Nominations committee. Further details are below.

Professional ethics and law resources

​Paediatricians and other clinicians often have to take very difficult decisions while acting in strict accordance with the law and with sensitivity towards the customs and beliefs practiced by their patients and their patients' families. These resources are intended to support the training and crit...
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Honorary Fellowship

This is bestowed by the RCPCH to a small number of individuals who have demonstrated, through research or clinical commitment, major contributions to paediatrics during their career. Nominations are open once a year and Honorary Fellows are admitted at RCPCH Conference.

RCPCH good standing

This policy details the requirements for an RCPCH member to be in 'good standing'. This is a requirement for application to all College posts. This version was agreed by RCPCH Executive Committee, September 2018.
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Call for nominations for College posts

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RCPCH members lead on the College’s mission to ‘transform health through knowledge, innovation and expertise’. Members are invited to nominate themselves for a range of posts on RCPCH committees. We look forward to receiving your nomination.