Professor the Lord Darzi of Denham

Conference speaker

Professor Darzi will deliver his keynote talk, 'How can we harness the benefits of innovation for child health?’ at RCPCH Conference and exhibition on Tuesday 28 April 2020.

Professor Darzi is Co-Director of the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College London and holds the Paul Hamlyn Chair of Surgery. He is a Consultant Surgeon at Imperial College NHS Trust and the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. Professor Darzi is a non-executive director of NHS Improvement, Chair of the Accelerated Access Collaborative and Co-Director of the NHS Digital Academy.  

He is a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Royal Society, Honorary Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and formerly EPSRC council member. His research portfolio is mainly in convergence science in areas of engineering, physical and data sciences. 
In 2002, Professor Darzi was knighted, and in 2007 introduced to the UK’s House of Lords as the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health. In 2008 he produced the seminal report High-Quality Care for All and in 2014 chaired the London Health Commission. He is a member of Her Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council and was awarded the Order of Merit in January 2016.