Research and Evaluation team

The Research and Evaluation team coordinates research and evaluation activity and works across the RCPCH to ensure that outputs are evidence based and their impact is appropriately evaluated. 

We work internally and externally to promote child health research, influence key bodies to fund and carry out more high quality child health research, as well as supporting staff, our membership and wider child health professionals to design, deliver and disseminate research.  We want to increase paediatric research capacity and ensuring that all those involved in paediatric research have the skills and knowledge to actively involve children and young people in research. 

Recent content


Epilepsy Passport evaluation

Two years following its launch, we carried out an evaluation to understand how healthcare professionals, children and young people and their families use the Epilepsy Passport. This tells us what aspects of the Epilepsy Passport have been successful and which areas need improvement.

infoKID evaluation

infoKID launched in March 2014 to provide information on kidney conditions, tests and diagnoses, treatments and supporting information. This evaluation aimed to understand how parents, carers and patients, and healthcare professionals use the website.

UK Child Health Research Collaboration

The UKCHRC is a growing partnership between funders of child health research. Through increasing and strengthening research, it aims to advance paediatric science and improve the health and wellbeing of children.

Research Charter - case studies

We asked healthcare professionals, researchers and patient public involvement leads how they use the Charter in their work settings. Here we bring together case studies on how the Charter has been used to raise awareness of the importance of child health research.