Training Services team

We support all doctors with a role in paediatric training in the UK, including trainees, trainers and regional clinical and administrative support.

We lead the operational work for RCPCH ePortfolio, register trainees for training with the College, administer the RCPCHStart assessment and recommend trainees to the GMC (General Medical Council) to complete their training and enter the specialist register.

We also support doctors applying for specialist registration through the CESR (Certification of Eligibility of Specialist Registration) route.

To support all this work, we administer various committees that drive the work of the College related to training. These include:

  • Heads of School Committee
  • College Specialty Advisory Committees (CSACs) for the 17 sub-specialties and General Paediatrics Regional Leads Committee
  • Trainee's Committee
  • Academic Committee
  • Less than full time training (LTFT) committee.

If you have any questions, please contact us on these emails:

Recent content


CESR Applicant Training Day

06 March 2019


Structured training sessions from the RCPCH and GMC Specialist Applications team show doctors how to enter the Specialist Register through CESR (Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration), avoid common pitfalls and prepare an effective application without the extra time and cost of revi...
Volunteering opportunity

RCPCHStart - become an assessor

RCPCHStart is a half-day assessment for trainee paediatricians getting ready to apply for their first consultant post. We are recruiting consultant paediatricians to act as assessors. Find out more about the requirements and training and how you can apply.

RCPCHStart - guidance for trainees

RCPCHStart means Specialty Trainee Assessment of Readiness for Tenure. It guides trainees as they prepare for completion of training and practice as a new consultant paediatrician. Find out how to check your eligibility, apply and pay, and how it fits in with your educational supervision.

RCPCH ePortfolio (Kaizen) guidance for trainees

Paediatric trainees and your educational supervisors can use ePortfolio to record learning in all its forms and settings, and to monitor progress through the curriculum. It is is mandatory for all run-through and non run-through paediatricians in UK training posts. Find out how to use it with our...

Sub-specialty recognition

Doctors on the GMC (General Medical Council) Specialist Register may also apply for their registration to be updated with an approved sub-specialty in paediatrics.