BPSU - Eligibility and funding

When a study is eligible for participation in the British Paediatric Surveillance Unit (BPSU) scheme.

A study is eligible if:

  • the condition of interest is a rare childhood infection or disorder, or a rare complication of a more common disease
  • the condition has low incidence and requires ascertainment of cases on a national scale in order to generate sufficient numbers to study
  • it addresses the epidemiology of a condition and/or variations in practice
  • is of scientific or public health importance
  • it has achievable aims
  • it is appropriately resourced and managed
  • it uses additional alternative data sources if applicable, and
  • it has MREC/HRA approval and conform to Caldicott and data protection procedures.

Studies must have:

  • relevant ethical approval before they can commence
  • Confidentiality Advisory Group approval; and
  • proof of adequate funding and organisational arrangements.