Completed research projects

shutterstock_64600210_CHILDREN_IMAGE.jpgThe completed projects below include reports from research conducted at the College from 2003 to 2012.

All current RCPCH publications

Adverse drug reactions 

This pilot study aimed to develop an active surveillance system for adverse drug reactions in children.

Adverse Drug Reactions in Children: Research Protocol (PDF, 32KB, 2 pages) - 2010


The study aimed to understand and improve the parents' and carers' experience of children with fever (high temperature).

To Understand and Improve the Experience of Parents and Carers who Need Advice when a Child has a Fever: Research report (PDF, 1.69 MB, 77 pages) - March 2010

Short version for parents and carers (PDF, 542 KB, 4 pages) - March 2010

National diabetes survey

A survey of the number of children and young people suffering from diabetes in England. The survey aimed to identify factors for quality improvement.

Growing up with Diabetes (PDF, 2.2 MB, 41 pages) - March 2009

The RCPCH currently manages the National Paediatric Diabetes Audit.

Meningococcal disease in children 

The report is about recognition and early management of meningococcal disease in children and young people.

Recognition and Early Management of Meningococcal Disease in Children and Young People: Lessons from Research for Doctors in Training (PDF, 1.82 MB, 83 pages) - 2007

Non-accidental injury and parents' needs

A report about understanding parents' information needs and experiences where professional concerns regarding non-accidental injury were not demonstrated.

Understanding Parent’s Information Needs and Experiences re Non-accidental Injury - Research Report (PDF, 581 KB, 49 pages) - June 2009

Child protection

An Investigation into the Nature and Impact of Complaints Made Against Paediatricians in Child Protection Procedures (PDF, 226 KB, 69 pages) - 2007

Child Protection Survey Report (PDF, 638KB, 11 pages) - 2003 - to determine the extent and involvement of paediatricians and the complaints made about child protection.

More about child protection and safeguarding at the College