Allergy information for children, young people and their families

Getting an allergy diagnosis can be a confusing and overwhelming time for families. The RCPCH has developed care pathways for children with allergic conditions. These pathways tell health professionals what they need to know in order to provide the best care possible for you (or your child).


In order to help you and your family understand what you should expect we have developed a series of leaflets for understanding allergy care:

A whole new vocabulary comes with an allergy diagnosis, so we have created a useful glossary:

Understanding the language of allergy (PDF, 275KB, 4 pages)


We have also made some videos that we hope will help you and your familiy with your allergic condition. You can find the videos on the RCPCH allergy channel on YouTube, or select the individual links below:

How to manage eczema

What it is like to live with eczema

What a skin-prick test will look like

Please note: a skin-prick test should only be performed by a profesionally trained health professional who has had formal training in conducting an allergy test.