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The College's Divisions and teams are organised by they service they deliver. Find out about the team leads and their key activities.

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President and Chief Executive's Office

 Judith Ellis, Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer, Judith Ellis

The Chief Executive’s Office is responsible for all aspects of the day to day running of the College.

The office supports the CEO, and specifically deals with media and public affairs work, 4 country support, external and political affairs, human resources and meaningful engagement with children, young people and their families.

Louise Frayne, Head of HR and Organisational Development

Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development, Louise Frayne

The HR and OD Team ensures that the College has appropriate staff in place to meet its needs, and that its employment policies and practices are fair and up to date. The team provides advice to the College on HR issues including recruitment and selection, pay, organising training and development, processing health and safety issues and other benefits, staff development and equal opportunities.

Melissa Milner.JPG

Head of Media and External Affairs, Melissa Milner

The first port of call for journalists, documentary makers or broadcast researchers who want to find out College policy or get expert opinion on relevant topics. Journalists may also want to find paediatricians for expert views and advice on specific illnesses or conditions that affect children - our Press Panel comprises member willing to speak to the media on these topics.

We are also the contact for parliamentary enquiries and contact with MPs.

 External Affairs Manager - Northern Ireland, John McBride

External Affairs Manager - Northern Ireland, John McBride

The Belfast office was established in January 2014 and coordinates activity across both Northern Ireland and ROI. This enables the College to provide a higher quality service to members and drive improvements in child health across key policy priority areas.

External Affairs Manager - Scotland, Claire Burnett

External Affairs Manager - Scotland, Claire Burnett

RCPCH Scotland communicates with paediatricians working in Scotland, providing administrative support to Scottish Committees and arranging Scottish Paediatric meetings. We also provide the Scottish Government and the third sector with up-to-date RCPCH guidance on matters relevant to the health of children and young people in Scotland.

Gethin Jones.JPG

External Affairs Manager - Wales, Gethin Jones

The Wales Office administers the Wales Executive Committee, organises national meetings, and acts as a source of information and communication between paediatricians and other child health professionals and associated organisations. We work with the Welsh Government, National Assembly for Wales and external organisations to raise the profile of the College and implement health policy priorities.

Emma Sparrow, Children and Young People's Engagement Manager

Children and Young People’s Engagement Manager, Emma Sparrow

The Children and Young People’s Engagement Team works internally and externally to ensure that the voice of children, young people and families is making a difference in child health and health care for young patients.

Through delivering the & Us® network for children, young people, parents and carers and the Engagement Collaborative for professionals, we actively seek and share the views of children, young people and families in order to influence and shape policy and practice.


Education and Training

Julia O'Sullivan

Director of Education and Training, Julia O'Sullivan

The Education and Training Division aims to create a healthier future for all infants, children, young people and their families through setting paediatric standards for training, by educating and supporting paediatricians and ensuring that the right doctors are in the right place, at the right time.

The Division is responsible for the strategic management and day to day delivery of all aspects of the education and training of all doctors working in paediatrics and child health in the UK.

This includes promoting paediatrics as a career, setting and maintaining standard of education and training, supporting and assessing training doctors to become specialist paediatricians, and supporting the continuing professional development (CPD) and revalidation process for all paediatricians.


Assistant Director of Education and Training, John O'Keeffe

Gemma Borwick.JPG

Education and Professional Development Manager, Gemma Borwick

Recruitment and Careers Manager, James Clark

Recruitment and Careers Manager, James Clark

The Recruitment and Careers Team is responsible for the promotion of paediatrics as a career to those new to the specialty, and offers assistance and guidance to those already in paediatrics seeking to establish their future career plans.

We manage and maintain the Specialty Training, NTN Grid (sub-specialty training) and international recruitment processes, ensuring the highest standards for entry to the specialty.

Examinations Manager, Daniel Crane

Examinations Manager, Daniel Crane

The Examinations Team is responsible for setting, monitoring and maintaining the highest possible standards for examinations. The two principal College exams are:

  • Membership (MRCPCH) - four components: FOP/TAS/AKP/Clinical
  • Diploma in Child Health (DCH) - two components: FOP/Clinical

These can be taken in locations throughout the UK as well as in some other countries. We rigorously quality assure all our processes and regularly review future methods of assessments.

 Stephen Beglan-Witt

Training Services Manager, Stephen Beglan-Witt

The Training Services Team supports doctors involved in paediatric training. This includes trainees, educational supervisors, clinical supervisors, training programme directors and those who administer the posts and programmes in LETBs (local education and training boards) and deaneries.

Our priorities lie with RCPCH ePortfolio, work based assessments, RCPCHStart, registration for training, committees, certification (CCT and CESR) and all manner of trainee and trainer enquiries.

Quality and Standards Manager, Jenni Carter

Quality and Standards Manager, Jenni Thompson

The Quality and Standards Team sets and maintains standards in paediatric education and training through the development and quality assurance of the postgraduate paediatric curriculum and SPIN Modules, and developing and standard setting examinations and assessments.  

The team undertakes a variety of quality assurance activities to monitor and support quality of training, and publishes wide ranging educational analysis and research.


Research and Policy

 Jacqueline Fitzgerald

Director of Research and Policy, Jacqueline Fitzgerald

The Research and Policy Division develops the evidence base to improve child health outcomes across the UK. This includes developing, influencing and implementing:

  • research and surveillance
  • clinical standards and quality improvement 
  • health policy and standards for health services.

The Division also manages requests for the College’s commentaries, submissions and consultation responses from the Government and other organisations.

Marcia Phillbin, Assistant Director of Research & Policy

Assistant Director of Research and Policy, Marcia Philbin

Workforce Information Manager, Martin McColgan

Workforce Information Manager, Martin McColgan

The College plays a key role in workforce planning for paediatrics to ensure there is an appropriately trained paediatric medical workforce to deliver safe and sustainable services for children in the UK, in the present and in the future.

British Paediatric Surveillance Unit (BPSU) Scientific Coordinator, Richard Lynn

British Paediatric Surveillance Unit (BPSU) Scientific Coordinator, Richard Lynn

BPSU facilitates research into uncommon childhood infections and disorders for the advancement of knowledge and effects practical improvement in prevention, treatment and service planning.

Mark Hannigan

Clinical Standards and Quality Improvement Manager, Mark Hannigan

The Clinical Standards Team aims to improve the quality of clinical practice by ensuring that it is evidence based, and that this evidence is well disseminated. Activities include:

  • develop guidelines to NICE standards, and support members and specialty groups with their guideline development
  • quality review products and endorsements, and evaluate their implementation
  • manage national clinical audits 
  • develop and manage resources for the promotion of quality improvement (QI) and patient safety, and ensure QI is embedded into all College functions.
Emily Arkell.JPG

Head of Health Policy, Emily Arkell

The Health Policy Team focuses on developing, influencing and promoting policy to support paediatricians in improving children’s health. This includes supporting service planning and modelling, child protection arrangements and raising the profile of children’s health through our members across the NHS, independent and third sector and the wider community.

Sue Eardley  

Head of Invited Reviews, Sue Eardley

The Invited Reviews Team works with our members to offer NHS and private healthcare organisations an independent and objective opinion or advice on service design or individual performance.  

The team has conducted over 60 reviews since its inception in 2012 ranging from major multi-site reconfiguration projects to confidential  service specific analyses.

 Research Development Manager, Lindsey Hunter

Research Development Manager, Lindsey Hunter

The Research and Evaluation Team undertakes, develops and supports healthcare research to improve healthcare outcomes and provision to children, young people and their families. This includes:

  • collaborative working to undertake research projects
  • increasing paediatric research capacity
  • ensuring children and young people are actively involved in research
  • ensuring all RCPCH outputs are evidence-based and their impact is evaluated.


Business Development

Jonathan Miall

Director of Business Development, Jonathan Miall

The Business Development Division is responsible for promoting RCPCH activities and raising the College profile. Among its key functions is developing customised marketing, events and communication strategies to support teams and projects across the College.

The Division also oversees the management of the growing RCPCH membership in the UK and around the world; administering all applications for admission and all membership matters.

Additionally the Division houses the Global Team who set, implement and monitor the College’s worldwide child health strategy in low and middle income countries.

 Head of International Operations, Sebastian Taylor

Head of International Operations, Sebastian Taylor

The Global Team provides oversight of the College’s global child health activities. It sets, implements and monitors the international strategy and provides a focal point for liaison on our international work.

Currently, our activity focuses on the training, education and assessment of paediatricians overseas in low and middle income countries predominantly. 

 Membership Supervisor, Saskia Ottignon

Membership Supervisor, Saskia Ottignon

The Member Services Team manages all applications for admission to membership, all membership matters.

This inccludes membership subscriptions, certificates, enquiries from existing and prospective members and liaison with the British Medical Journal (BMJ) to ensure that members receive Archives of Disease in Childhood if included in their subscription.

Olivia Hill.JPG

Lizze Easterbrook.JPG

Head of Digital & Creative Media, Olivia Hill and Lizzi Easterbrook

Our team oversees RCPCH brand and design, manages production of marketing materials and publications, and is responsible for the direction of development of the RCPCH website, including management of the members website panel.

We also manage key College communications, including the member eBulletin and Focus newsletter.

Shuaj Miah.JPG

Business Development Corporate Relations Manager, Shuaj Miah

We develop and manage relationships with a wide range of organisations, from both commercial and public sectors, with an interest in our child health agenda. This enables us to diversify income in line with our mission and values, and within our due diligence process.

We also oversee the funding strategy for our collaborative events such as RCPCH Conference and the Insight series.

Maurice O'connor.JPG

Major Donor & Campaigns Manager, Maurice O'Connor

Adam Cousins

Marketing Manager, Adam Cousins

The Marketing team helps drive forward the development and promotion of all RCPCH activities and raises the College's profile.

Using the full range of communication channels and working with key partners, our aim is to increase participation in College initiatives such as RCPCH membership, our wide range of courses and events, innovative online resources and much more.

Joanna Howe.JPG

Events Manager, Joanna Howe

The Events Team works closely with different departments and colleagues across the College to deliver about 80 events a year.

These include face-to-face education courses, dinners, lectures, launches, membership ceremonies and RCPCH Conference.


Corporate Services

David Howley

Director of Corporate Services, David Howley

This division includes finance, facilities, governance, and infomation systems, and oversees risk management functions for the College, including insurance cover.

Head of Governance and Contracts, Graham Sleight

Head of Governance and Contracts, Graham Sleight

The Governance and Contracts Team is responsible for administering the College's senior committees, including Council and Executive Committee, as well as the College Ethics and the Law Advisory Committee; provides the College's support for the NHS Advisory Appointments Committee (AAC) function.

Facilities and Hospitality Manager, Deborah Sayers

Facilities and Hospitality Manager, Deborah Sayers

The Facilities and Hospitality Team supports and maintains the day to day running of the College premises, central services and hospitality. It ensures a safe and efficient working environment from health and safety through to meeting room hire.

Head of Finance, Mark Eves

Head of Finance, Mark Eves

The Finance Team processes all receipts and payments, including payment of Committee members’ expenses. It provides the management accounting, financial accounting, budgeting, financial forecasting, internal audit and risk management functions for the College.

Head of Information Systems, Alan McMahon

Head of Information Systems, Alan McMahon

The IS Team is responsible for ensuring that the College obtains the maximum value from the investments it makes in technology and provides the infrastructure for the support and development of all core College systems. It also advises all staff on procurement, supplier management, data integration, and information security.