DCH Clinical exam preparation course

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This one day course is an opportunity to become more familiar with the Diploma of Child Health (DCH) clinical examination stations before the actual examination. Experienced DCH examiners discuss past questions and scenarios and provide you with top tips to improve your performance at the exam. Key skills and common pitfalls are discussed.

This course is interactive with workshops, small group work, discussions and role play based around each of the stations

  • data interpretation
  • structured oral
  • clinical assessment
  • focused history
  • child development
  • safe prescribing.

The course does not involve real patients. It facilitates a safe learning environment encouraging you to ask questions of the examiners and share good practice.

Of the participants in the previous DCH clinical exam preparation course in October 2017, 80% passed the subsequent exam.

The course also serves as a taster for those who intend to apply for the exam and those yet undecided.

Clinical cases in paediatrics textbook - report cover

Comes with a complimentary copy of the text book, Clinical Cases in Paediatrics: DCH Clinical Examination.

'Absolutely worth it. It gives a structured approach to the DCH exam, sharing experiences, hopes and fears. Excellent faculty.'

'Very clear about what the DCH exam expects from the examinee. A good faculty, knowledgeable, approachable and friendly.'

Fee: £300