Safeguarding Children: Levels 4 and 5 - a blended resource for named and designated paediatricians (2 day course)

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This blended learning package comprises a 2-day face to face course which is complimented by a specific e-learning course. Together the face to face and e-learning courses have been mapped to introduce key concepts relevant to the target audience of those who hold positions as named and designated paediatricians, in line with the Intercollegiate Document competences. The package consists of 7 modules with a foundation knowledge being introduced during the e-learning. These concepts are further embellished and consolidated during the face to face course. It is intended that the e-learning will be completed prior to your taking the 2-day course to fully engage users in their learning. The e-learning will be available upon registration, provided you fulfil the criteria as a paediatrician who holds the position of either a named or designated doctor.
A team of some of the leading practitioners in Safeguarding in the country, led by the college’s Assistant Officer for Child Protection, Dr Jamie Carter, have provided content and sessions that cover 7 broad topics:

  • Knowledge, in terms of developing expert knowledge, evaluating and using knowledge, and indeed where there is no knowledge;
  • Education and training, including Training Needs Analysis, developing and delivering training, as well as evaluating it;
  • Service provision
  • Multi-agency working
  • Professional development
  • Governance
  • Teamwork and Leadership

Members of this elite faculty team will also facilitate the face to face course. The course will provide a conducive learning environment for discussion, questioning and overall the sharing of good practice in this area of Safeguarding. There will be opportunities for networking throughout the programme and access to supplementary reading and materials on Compass, as delegates of the face to face course.